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The Risk Game developed by Resilinc is a powerful learning tool for supply chain management professionals to master risk management. The game is highly engaging, interactive and a fun way to understand how information can help companies be lean and resilient. This workshop is an extremely effective catalyst to trigger supply chain risk strategy conversations at executive levels.

Organizations Using The Risk Game

Our Success Stories

James Liegghio

Program Manager Automotive Industry Action Group

“Highly engaging and interactive hands-on workshop providing insights about SCRM through various scenarios designed to mimic real-world events. Great way to help break silos within an organization which is risk averse. Don’t miss it!”

Bill Hurles

Former GM Executive Director

“The Risk Game is an effective, interactive workshop for anybody, supply chain practitioners or students to collaborate, encounter real life risk scenarios and more importantly learn how to meticulously manage risk. A great learning tool.”

Charles F Piazza

Professor, Saybrook University

“3 hours of practical learning that was both engaging and fun. Participants where stretched to observe systems dynamics, critically think, and collaborate to build sustainable solutions to challenging unexpected situations. Participants had to strategize, take risks and innovate”

Moin Islam

Engineering Manager, Western Digital

“People were completely engaged, passionate about winning and the best hands-on learning opportunity”

Michele Carroll

President, CSCMP Silicon Valley/ San Francisco

“Resilinc Risk Game will be a key highlight for any conference, spurring involvement and competition that drives real learning.”

Saket Goyal

Technical Product Leader, Broadcom

“Lots of Fun! Inspiring & Knowledge Packed”

Anusha Rao Poduri

Demand Planning, Western Digital

“Great! Lot of Fun! Inspiring & Knowledge Packed!”

Jelle D Rooji

Supply Chain Solutions, Holland International Distribution Council

“An absolute eye opener!”

Sehaj Kaur

Student at Santa Clara University

“Enjoyed the game a lot and learned about one of the most important areas of supply chain management.”

Joe Agresta

Former Procurement VP, Johnson & Johnson

“Great Program. Bringing risk management and opportunity to forefront”

Joel Sutherland

Managing Director Supply Chain Management University of San Diego

“Thrilled to feature the Resilinc Risk Game at our 8th Annual SCMI Spring Symposium on Supply Chain Innovation. A great way to educate students as well as seasoned supply chain professionals and faculty. Explore this game if you are looking for a fun and innovative way to learn and experience how to identify and mitigate supply chain risk”

Why The Risk Game

Fun | Collaborative | Peer Networking

The Game

The 3-hour Risk Game has been carefully crafted as a hands-on learning tool, to build awareness about leveraging information and best practice processes for risk mitigation. The simulation replicates the operations and challenges of a multi-tier manufacturing where companies compete for business, assemble & ship products, and meet Customer expectations while maximizing profits. Each participant is assigned to a company with roles and responsibilities defined and they learn how essential it is to break organizational silos to drive an efficient and effective supply chain.

The game allows participants to experience the benefits of having a robust risk program which helps in identifying, assessing and mitigating risks proactively. Throughout the session, different real-life situations unfold, driving participants to take cautious decisions and get inputs from traditional and social media alike.

Benefits of the Game


Master how to institutionalize a best in class supply chain risk program across your organization.

Group 7

The hands-on experience, collaboration and fun will unite your team and provide guidance to change your organization’s risk culture.


Learn how AI, early warning notifications and new technologies can be used to manage risk and how it can be used as a competitive tool to become market leaders.

Group 8

Case studies covered during the debrief gives you insights on the hard-won lessons from companies which have a world class risk program.

Where You Can Incorporate into


Team building within your organization


Conferences on Supply Chain Management Best Practices


Supplier Appreciation Events


Cross Functional Training Workshops


Academic programs on Supply Chain Management

Upcoming Events

General Motors & Wayne State University Case Competition
Oct 5th, Detroit, Michigan

Biogen Risk Conference
Oct 15th, Boston, MA

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Oct 17th, Cambridge, MA

Gain Competitive Advantage, Establish Best Practices and Drive Innovation using the Supply Chain Risk Game

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