Our Story

Resilinc was founded by supply chain and technology mavericks who had a vision to make supply chain intelligence and advanced analytics a source for competitive advantage.  They believed that tremendous arbitrage opportunities could be opened for companies, if deep supply chain intelligence was combined with unstructured, real time global event and news data.  Thus, Resilinc was introduced in 2010 as a unique big data platform and multi-enterprise network enabling resource efficient exchange of real time information between customers and their suppliers, aka the “LinkedIn” for supply chain.

Today Resilinc has mapped the supply chain genome for many industries and is the world’s most extensive repository of deep supply chain intelligence – an information highway that forms the backbone for resilient supply chains worldwide.

Our cloud, mobility and AI platforms have powered up resilient supply chain programs for our global customers, who are now widely recognized as global leaders.  Our customers have realized strong ROI from their adoption of Resilinc’s methodology and solutions.