Our Story

Resilinc was founded by supply chain practitioners and technology experts who believed that best in class supply chain risk management capabilities should be available to any company in the world.  Supply chain risk experts agree that the risk problem is actually a data problem.  If supplier, site, part and sub-tier information was quickly and easily accessible to key decision makers, then companies could predict and proactively protect their supply chains from major disruptions.

Thus, Resilinc was introduced in 2010 as the world’s first big data platform and multi-enterprise network connecting direct raw material suppliers efficiently on a single platform to allow them to quickly provide visibility to their sites, parts and suppliers to many customers without duplicating efforts. This efficient exchange of real time information between customers and their suppliers was called the “LinkedIn” for supply chain.  Resilinc’s patented risk intelligence and analytics solution greatly simplifies the supply chain risk management journey for customers.

With Resilinc, best in class supply chain risk management is achievable for companies of all sizes.

Today Resilinc is the world’s most extensive repository of deep supply chain intelligence – an information highway that forms the backbone for resilient supply chains worldwide.