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Resilinc facilitates transparency and trust between you and your customers,
without placing an undue burden on you.

How Resilinc Can Benefit Your Business


Time Savings

Leverage data already collected and save time, with our input once, share often, data collection model.


Secure, Approval Based Data Sharing

Our SOC2 Type II certified, multi-tenanted, permission based platform protects your data. YOU decide what to share, and authorize who can see your data.


Mobile App: Get Stuff On The Go!

Our Mobile app saves you time during events! See what your customers see 24x7, our monitoring and research are available to you.


No Supplier Fees For Platform Usages

We don’t charge you fees for providing information on our platform. You'll receive alerts about your sites, and see your R Score for free.


Fast Impact Confirmation During Events

During events, respond once to satisfy multiple customer requests for impact confirmation, directly from your mobile app.


24X7 Service And Support

We provide training and tech support in multiple languages and all time zones.


Happy Customers

Keep your customers happy and gain their trust. Build long term partnerships and win more business.


Risk Benchmarking And R Score™

Know how you score on resiliency compared to your competitors and peers, differentiate from competitors.

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What is Your R Score™?

The World's First Benchmark For Supply Chain Resiliency

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Value for You

  • Instill long-term confidence with your customers
  • Stand-out by being best-in-class
  • Understand the resiliency of your supply chain
  • Make your resiliency a competitive differentiator
  • Get the R Score for your company!

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Tens Of Thousands Of Suppliers Are On The Resilinc Platform, Sharing Information With Our Customers. Are You One Of Them? If Yes, You Might Be Able To Fulfill Your Customers’ Supply Chain Visibility, Business Continuity Or Other Requests Quickly. See If Your Company Already Is Operating On Our Platform.

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