Effortless Supply Chain Risk Management

Simple to start. Easy to expand.

All the Benefits of EventWatch, PLUS...

Digitize Business Continuity Plans


Visualize your entire multi-tier supply chain on our intuitive dashboards.

Transform your supply chain tiers visibility data into intelligence and insights.



Improve supplier performance by building well rounded supplier scorecards.

Measure risk objectively, prioritize biggest vulnerabilities.

Improve BCP Effectiveness


Collaborate with your team to mitigate risk using our automated workflows.

Access our best-in-class mitigation library or record your playbook for 1000’s of scenarios

The biggest hurdle for companies to adopt a supply chain risk management solution is the perceived cost and complexity.


Learn how Resilinc makes it easy.

Eliminate Information Silos. Centralize Supplier Intelligence.

Channel Your Experts' Time On High Value Activities

Dramatically Reduce Time spent in meeting and exchanging information.

Mitigate with Confidence.

Achieve your Supply Chain Risk Management Objectives

We understand your objectives, because we come from your world.  Our team has supply chain experts in all functions.

Monitor your suppliers and sites

Configure risk scores - unlimited risk indices

Get critical failure points

During events, get alerts and war-rooms on mobile

Get suppliers' impact confirmation directly in the app

Track mitigation progress and follow up with owners

"Can you be risk free all the time? NO,
but you can be much more prepared for
the next event.There's a lot of focus on
top 80% spend suppliers, but often, it's
the 20% where you may find weakness.
Understanding risk in the law 20% of
spend suppliers, is very important."

Rubik Babakanian

SVP of Global Supply Sourcing, CPO


"If I were to give other executives
advice, I would say get started.
This is something your customers expect.
This wasn't a requirement a decade
ago, but if you're not doing
it now, I'm going to get the parts
before you will."

Joe Carson

Global Operations Executive

We wrote the book on Supply Chain Risk Management.
Learn what industry leaders know about maintaining
Supply Chain Resiliency.

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