R Score

R Score

The Standard Metric for Supply Chain Resiliency


Understand the resiliency of my supply chain?

Understand how I compare with my competitors?

Develop a measurable, continuous improvement strategy for resiliency?

Gain the confidence and trust of my board members and financial stakeholders?

Instill long-term confidence with my customers?

Stand-out by being best-in-class?

Position yourself as a long term partner to my customers?

Make resiliency a competitive differentiator and win more business?

Track changes to supplier risk profiles and work with them to improve?

Assure new suppliers aren’t exposing my company to risk?

Balance supplier reduction with risk reduction by picking the best suppliers instead of adding more?

Know the supply chain condition, stability and resiliency of the companies in your portfolio?

Underwrite with confidence and improve my ability to reinsure your portfolio?

Balance my portfolio risk exposure?

Complete due diligence quickly without spending time and resources on data collection?

The R Score Rating / Metric Is Your Answer!

The Resilinc R Score™ rating / metric is the standard for measuring, benchmarking, and tracking companies’ supply chain risk and resiliency. It is a comprehensive assessment of a company’s supply chain resiliency. The metric is based on extensive data collected by Resilinc working with tens of thousands of organizations as part of our global supply chain visibility initiative.

The R Score rating incorporates the following key metrics:

Transparency, Network Resiliency, Continuity Robustness, Performance and Supply Chain Risk Program Maturity.

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