EventWatch AI

EventWatch® AI

Monitoring your global supply chain
has never been so EASY.

Get started in Minutes. Easy, Intuitive, Budget Friendly.

Digitize Cyber Security Capability Information


Keep track of any events that could impact supply chains.

Eliminate noise, get well researched, actionable notifications - right on your mobile app.

Evaluate Against Your Standards


Predict how an event anywhere around the world will affect your suppliers and sites.

Collaborate on-the-go with our virtual war-room and scenario model builder.

Develop An Improvement Roadmap


Be first! Secure allocation.

Regain control of your supply chain performance.

What EventWatch does for you

  • Load sites & points of interest
  • Monitor them 24x7 - Over 40 news types
  • 50+ languages covered
  • Relevant alerts contextualized with natural language processing
  • Powered by AI & to increase accuracy
  • Millions of sources tracked
  • Social media, news, regulatory agencies
  • Event War Room to analyze impact on the go
  • Simple What If Scenario Planner
  • Comprehensive research & expert commentary
  • Up to date guidance as event evolves

No Data?  No problem.

Upgrade and purchase Resilinc Researched Data.


Everyone agrees. EventWatch is THE Most Comprehensive Supply Chain Monitoring System.

No Commitment!

Resilinc offers an easier way!

Your Supply Chain Experts are your highest value assets.

Dramatically reduce their time spent monitoring news, researching stories individually,
then translating events into supply chain impact scenarios.

Our Research Saves You Days of Effort

From Notification to Response in Minutes





Materials Impacted


Boston Scientific's Wake Up Call

"It used to take 6 weeks to understand
which sites were affected [by a
supply chain disruption] . Now with
EventWatch, it takes 6 hours!"

"Before we had experience with
the tsunami and other events, it could
take several weeks to truly understand
[what the impact was], now we can
know in minutes."


"For the unmapped suppliers it took
us 2 weeks to ascertain we were not
impacted. For the suppliers we had
mapped, we drew a circle on the map,
out popped the results in minutes.
We went back to normal right away!"


2018 EventWatch® Report

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