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Keep track of 30 different types of events 24x7 across 44 languages. Tens of thousands of sources monitored with our advanced NLP algorithms.

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Predict how an event anywhere around the world will affect your suppliers and sites!

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Summary of Features

24/7 monitoring of your supply chain

Monitoring in 44 languages

33 Types of events that could impact supply chain

Powered by natural language processing to increase relevance to your operations

Tens of Thousands of sources (social media, news, regulatory agencies)

Load sites & points of interest and protect them with EventWatch Monitoring

Comprehensive event research & expert commentary

Up to date guidance about potential impact as event evolves

Mobile app for on the go notifications

Event War Room to analyze impact

Premium research reports

Event webinars

White papers

Each user license includes access to 50 supplier sites

You’ll have access to Resilinc’s Supplier Intelligence Ecosystem with more than 120,000 sites, almost 55,000 suppliers (Optional: Resilinc researched data available for purchase separately, if needed)

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Time Spent Before Resilinc
Time Spent After Resilinc

Assuming a team size of 10 commodity managers.

Each person duplicates efforts without Resilinc. Every hour spent researching news is an hour lost chasing cost savings and developing stronger supplier relationships!


...monitoring news and researching stories individually and translating events into supply chain impact scenarios!


Resilinc filters relevant news stories, researches and our translates into potential impact scenarios.

  • Your experts remain focused on high value added activities. We will alert you when their attention is needed!
  • Your experts can take our actionable research and fix problems before they become major issues for you!

We are watching your supply chain 24x7!!

Events Monitored

  • 44 languages
  • >100,000 different sources including social media
  • Applying Natural Language Processing
  • Applying Machine Learning
  • Augmented with expert analysis
Business Sale
Chemical Spill
Company Split
Cyber Attack
Environmental Hazards
Extreme Weather
Factory Fire
Factory Shutdown
FDA or EMA Action
Force Majeure
Forest Fire
Geopolitical or Terrorism
Human Health
Hurricane / Typhoon
Labor Strike
Leadership Transition
Merge & Acquisition
Mine Shutdown
Port Disruption
Power Outage
Price Fluctuation
Regulatory Change
Supply Shortage

Our Research Saves you Hours of Effort!

Industries Affected
Geographies Affected
Disruptions Monitored
Companies Affected
Material Application Impacted

From Notification to Response in Minutes

“In the 2011 Japan Earthquake, it took us 6 weeks to quantify impact. In the 2016 Japan Earthquake, it took us 6 Hours!” (On Resilinc since 2013)

“DENTSPLY avoided a four week lines down on account of the timely alert about storms in Europe last year. Resilinc’s solution told us that a critical supplier was in region within minutes. We immediately collaborated with them to divert a key shipment for us.” (On Resilinc since 2012)

“For the unmapped suppliers it took us 2 weeks to ascertain we were not impacted. For the suppliers we had mapped, we drew a circle on the map and out popped the results in minutes. We went back to normal right away!” (On Resilinc since 2012)

“Before we had experience with the tsunami and other events, it could take several weeks to truly understand [what the impact was], now we can know in minutes.” (On Resilinc since 2012)

FIVE Step Program for Event Detection, Response and Recovery


What Resilinc Enables

We monitor the internet and social media 24x7. Using our powerful social listening and natural language processing technology, we monitor more than 40 languages.

Why our customers love it!

Saves time and keeps our customers focused on core business activities.


What Resilinc Enables

Our algorithm auto categorizes and prioritizes those events which have most disruptive power since speed is of the essence when it comes to event response.

Why our customers love it!

Knowing which event has greater disruption potential enables you to focus on critical events.


What Resilinc Enables

Our experts research the priortized events and send out a notification to you with our research, recommendations, and most likely impact guidance.

Why our customers love it!

This allows you to jump into action and not waste valuable time.


What Resilinc Enables

Solution automatically sends each user a personalized impact notification with predicted potential impact to the categories and suppliers they manage.

Why our customers love it!

Now you know whether you need to jump on this, or let it play out.


What Resilinc Enables

Invite your key stakeholders and team members to the Event War-Room on our app to coordinate reponse and revoery efforts. Make sure everyone is on the same page, has the latest updates and is on top of it.

Why our customers love it!

No more 50 excel spread sheets flying around (each one outdated)...

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