Digitize Business Continuity Plans

Plug and play with ISO22301 standard based BCP surveys already completed on Resilinc. More than 10,000 site BCPs available. Know you and your suppliers’ BCP capabilities across all sites in your entire supply chain, without reading a single BCP document. (Suppliers have to approve your access to their BCPs)

Assess BCP robustness

Without reading long documents, quickly assess BCPs for completion and robustness. Decide which sites need to improve based on metrics and standards set by you.

Improve BCP Effectiveness

Use dashboards and metrics in your ongoing business reviews internally or with your suppliers (QBRs) to set collaborative improvement targets.

Validate and test plans regularly with Resilinc's help. Be confident of your sites' recovery from major disruptions within an acceptable time frame. All this without needing to read long Excel spreadsheets, pdf’s or lengthy Word documents!

Based on Analysis of 10,000 Site-level BCPs...


Sites Without
BCP Procedures


Sites Without


Sites Without
Backup Power


Site With Poor
Fire and Safety


Sites With Poor
Logistics Recovery

Do you know how prepared your suppliers are?

Don't waste your experts time on Supplier BCP collection and review!

Time Spent Before Resilinc
Time Spent After Resilinc
Hours Per Week

Many companies don't watch Supplier BCPs due to the effort involved in doing this work!

Time Spent trying to collect, and analyze Supplier BCPs

Hours Per Week

With Resilinc, your experts can focus on working with suppliers to improve BCPs, not on collecting them!!!

“Before Resilinc, we made all of our commodity managers spend time collecting business continuity plans that were cumbersome to review. Now we can understand all our suppliers capabilities down to the site level and collaborate with help them to improve, and our commodity managers can focus on their core activities”

5 Step Program for Business Continuity Management

Digitize Business Continuity Plans


What Resilinc Enables

Collect BCPs from your own sites and your suppliers' sites in our simple, ISO22301 standard-based site level survey

Why our customers love it!

Plug and play with suppliers already sharing BCPs on Resilinc. No need to wait for months


What Resilinc Enables

No more storing of supplier BC plans on shared drives (that few people read anyway). Get a Score for site BCP by section and capability quickly!

Why our customers love it!

All BCP plan assessments are centrally stored and accessible to all users who need to see them. Quickly get a Red/Yellow/Green assessment of different sections of the BCP without having to read long documents!


What Resilinc Enables

Identify capability gaps and compare sites/suppliers in intuitive dashboards

Why our customers love it!

Understand gaps, compare sites, develop improvement plans


What Resilinc Enables

Incorporate Supplier BCP Score as a key metric in your overall Supplier Scorecard, and combine with Recovery Times, Alternate Site availability and Part Redundancy information

Why our customers love it!

Be confident about the supplier's business continuity capabilities meeting your recovery time objectives, going down to part level!


What Resilinc Enables

Track mitigation projects and workflows and see risk reduce in real time as projects completed

Why our customers love it!

Drive accountability and metrics to address supply chain risk and see your program’s success before your eyes!

Assess BCP Robustness

Improve BCP Effectiveness

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