Assessment Form

Why Benchmark?

Are you realizing that you could save millions from freight expedites, inventory carrying cost, annual raw material premiums and resource expenditures? Don't be a follower, establish a world class program and be a Leader.

Your Exponential Savings along the Maturity Spectrum:

For companies who have taken a resolution to make their supply chains more resilient, Resilinc has developed a 5-Minute Maturity Self-Assessment that covers topics on multi-tier visibility, business continuity, global event monitoring, and proactive risk management. After participating in the self-assessment, you will be provided with a report benchmarking your organization against others. The assessment is based on years of experience helping many of the leading global companies better manage risk.

After completing the assessment the resulting benchmarking report will provide you:

1. Your current risk program maturity level

2. Your current maturity level compared against a standard maturity model framework

3. A roadmap to progress through the maturity phases

4. Expert advice and additional resources to help scale your program

5. Receive a copy of the assessment results

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