Supply Chain Risk Management Solutions

Supply Chain Risk Management Solutions

Resilinc Puts You In Control Of Your Supply Chain.
Successfully map multiple tiers of the global supply chain consistently across many industries.
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Resilinc EventWatch provides you with the flexibility to be notified and assess the impact of an event while on the go. The app alerts you in real time, giving you the opportunity to contact your suppliers, monitor your supply chain, and see the status of events that can disrupt your supply chain. Control your supply chain with the comprehensive event research and expert commentary, the Event War Room, Premium research reports, the tens of thousands of sources and much more.



You will have the ability to load Part, Site, Suppliers, and Sub-Tier visibility information, Customize and configure how your risk scores are calculated, collaborate virtually with your global, on-the-go team members, along with so much more. Resilinc's Supplier Intelligence Ecosystem, which you will have access to, which has more than 385,000+ sites, and almost 90,000+ suppliers.

Multi-Tier Mapping

Multi-Tier Mapping

Multi-Tier Mapping provides you with all of the features of EventWatch and RiskShield along with; Multi-tier supply chain mapping using our survey module, 80% of high tech supply chain & 50% of life science supply chain provide faster turnaround times for surveys, and Dedicated customer success manager to partner with you on your resiliency journey. With Multi-Tier Mapping, you will be able to Visualize your entire supply chain, through multiple tiers, on one screen.


With Cyber-SCRM, not only are you getting all of the features of EventWatch and RiskShield, but you're also able to Identify parts impacted during disruptions within minutes, get bench-marking information on how you stand on resiliency practices compared to your peers in the industry, and Ability to quantify Revenue Impact at a Supplier, Site, Part, Product level. Continuously monitor all suppliers for any cyber, attacks and be notified in case a situation develops that could affect your business.

Business Continuity

Know you and your suppliers' BCP capabilities across all sites in your entire supply chain, without reading a single BCP document. You'll be able to plug and play with IS022301 standard based BCP surveys already completed on Resilinc, and validate and test plans regularly with Resilinc's help. Be confident of your sites' recovery from major disruptions within an acceptable time frame. All this without needing to read long Excel spreadsheets, pdf's or lengthy Word documents.

R Score

R Score incorporates the following key metrics: Transparency, Network Resiliency, Continuity Robustness, Performance and Supply Chain Risk Program Maturity. It is the standard for measuring, bench marking, and tracking companies' supply chain risk and resiliency. The metric is based on extensive data collected by Resilinc working with tens of thousands of organizations as part of our global supply chain visibility initiative.

Why Resilinc?

Resilinc is the trusted provider of supply chain risk and resiliency solutions. Resilinc provides a patented, digital, automated and networked platform to allow customers to collaborate seamlessly with their direct and sub-tier suppliers.

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