Plan, Monitor, Protect


Resilinc SupplyIntel

Map global supply chain across multiple tiers, identify critical supply chain dependencies, expose critical vulnerabilities and single points of failure, manage risk mitigation across the organization, and optimize resiliency practices throughout the organization.

  • Avoid major top and bottom line impact from supply chain disruptions of any type at any frequency
  • Respond quickly to global disruptions with fewer resources and ensure faster recovery
  • Proactively identify critical vulnerabilities and cost effectively mitigate top risks

Resilinc EventWatch

Monitor global supply chain disruptions 24×7 and leverage war-room tools for a swift and coordinated recovery.

  • Gain first mover advantage
  • Faster to book capacity and buy inventory resulting in lower premiums and freight expedites
  • Avoid lines down and massive cash burn during disruptions and protect long term performance against supply chain metrics