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R Score is derived from extensive intelligence across thousands of suppliers across many industry verticals.

Measurable. Comparable. Actionable.

The Resilinc R Score offers a comprehensive assessment of a company’s supply chain resiliency.  It is available for suppliers sharing information on the Resilinc platform.

The R Score provides deep insight into a company's supply chain resiliency, an analysis of the trend, breakdown of the elements comprising the score, and most importantly, is a valuable tool to benchmark resiliency capabilities between different companies within an industry.

Elements of the R Score

  • Transparency Score: Depth and breadth of information shared by supplier with customers on the Resilinc Platform
  • Network Score: Deep location resiliency based on natural disaster, geopolitical and macro-economic factors and event impact assessment of all known supplier sites
  • Continuity Score:  Assessment of recovery time and business continuity capabilities of each of the suppliers' sites.
  • Performance Score: Responsiveness and ongoing performance metrics
  • SCRM Maturity Score: Supply chain visibility, event monitoring and management and proactive risk management and business continuity capabilities developed by the supplier.






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