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OUR VISION for the R Score is to elevate the resiliency of the entire supply chain network within which our customers operate.




Resilinc R Score™ is a comprehensive assessment of a company’s supply chain resiliency. The metric is based on extensive data collected by Resilinc over the past few years working with tens of thousands of organizations as part of our global supply chain mapping initiative.

The Resilinc R Score™ evaluates, benchmarks and ranks companies on key metrics such as Transparency, Network Resiliency, Continuity Robustness, Performance and Supply Chain Risk Program Maturity.



The human genome mapping project took years to undertake, but yielded rich diagnostics and causal intelligence for critical genetic diseases.  This led to development of targeted treatment for life threatening genetic diseases.


RESILINC has been working on mapping the supply chain genome for the past six years, one industry vertical at a time.  We have amassed tremendous intelligence for almost 40,000 companies’ supply chains.  The R Score™ is derived from years of working with tens of thousands of companies mapping their global footprint, part origin and sub-tier connections.  Over this time, we have built the world’s largest single repository for deep supply chain mapping intelligence spanning over 70,000 manufacturing sites, 2 million parts and almost 60,000 sub-tier connections.


Why the R Score™ is Needed


  • No single metric for resiliency exists in the industry
  • Can’t compare two companies, even if relatively similar
  • Data has not historically been available for all companies
  • Decisions about risk acceptance are very ad hoc in the absence of even one metric
  • Questions such as how to invest in risk, what is my baseline (current state), how much have we improved after spending $X can’t be answered today.
  • Rewards and recognition for strong supply chain partners is not possible in the absence of a robust metric
  • Supplier scorecards in every company are completely different à suppliers can’t articulate where they stand or market themselves as strong and use their supply chain as a differentiator to win business and grow


Measuring Resiliency


The R Score™ is a comprehensive assessment of a company's supply chain resiliency.  The R Score™ dial shows the company’s score, a comparison of the company against industry average vs. best in class, as well as the change from previous quarter.

The Resilinc R Score™ evaluates, benchmarks, and ranks companies on the following key metrics: Transparency, Network Resiliency, Continuity Robustness, Performance and Supply Chain Resiliency Program Maturity.


The R Score™ Advantage


  • Want your customers to have confidence in you as a long term partner.
  • Want to know how resilient your supply chain relative to your competitors or peers.
  • Wish to measure how resilient your supply chain is.
  • Want to win against competition using your supply chain as a competitive differentiator.
  • Want to build a business case for investing in resiliency and demonstrating improvements over time.




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