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“One way that EMC fulfills its mission is by using Resilinc EventWatch. After the 2011 Thailand floods and the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, EMC discovered it had blind spots in its own supply chain and we had difficulty determining where our parts were being manufactured in a timely manner and it could take several weeks to truly understand the impact. Now we can know in minutes what our supply chain looks like and we have a sense of its recovery capabilities.”

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“Any disruption to our production schedule caused by an unexpected shortage of systems, components or parts even for a relatively short period of time could cause us to alter production schedules or suspend production entirely – and adversely affect our financial results. The multi-tier supply chain mapping and visibility provided by Resilinc gives us valuable insights into potential vulnerabilities deep in our supply chain and work with our suppliers proactively to mitigate issues before they may occur.”


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“Managing supply chain risk starts with a great partner like Resilinc, whether it be at the supplier level or at the product part number level, the mapping is extremely important to develop that trust through the supply network. Resilinc helps us understand the sub-tiers to understand the underlying risk. We do a lot of what-if scenarios and mock drills, events happen when they happen - it is important to be prepared at all times.”



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“We see Resilinc as a way to move the entire industry’s collective supply chain forward. With Resilinc, Amgen is able to gain new insights into our sub-tier supply chain that we were unable to see before. And if we do see a potential issue, we have the enhanced intelligence needed to take action before it can impact the company.”


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After using Resilinc for nearly three years, we feel that we are pretty mature in that process now... but I can’t imagine living without having these tools.

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