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Resilinc helps Amgen bolster end-to-end visibility for their global supply chain.

“We see Resilinc as a way to move the entire industry’s collective supply chain forward. With Resilinc, Amgen is able to gain new insights into our sub-tier supply chain that we were unable to see before. And if we do see a potential issue, we have the enhanced intelligence needed to take action before it can impact the company.”

Patricia Turney
Executive Director, Supply Chain

“We were able to log into the tool and put a map around the area and see exactly what was going on...With something like this, you learn almost in real time if your suppliers have been affected and what segments of your chain have been impacted.”

“Any data collection system that minimizes the amount of effort required to maintain and manage data - and in real time - just makes things more successful for us.”

Rod MacLea
Director, Supply Chain

“So why did we pick Resilinc? Resilinc had pioneered a methodology and an integrated approach, considering lots of different factors pertaining to supply chain risk.”

“Resilinc has helped us avoid revenue and customer satisfaction impact. For example, Resilinc helped us identify a tier 1 supply disruption originating at a tier 2 source. As a result of this visibility, we avoided 4 weeks of production stop because we received early notification and were able to secure available supply from the tier 1 before anyone else could.”

"Resilinc has enabled us to file our Form SD on time with a good level of confidence for 2 years now. Our general counsel, Compliance Management, and Sr. Management are confident with the process and support from Resilinc. With their data-driven process, Resilinc has made Conflict Minerals a non-event for us.”

Craig Fix
Director, Global Procurement & Sourcing


“What Resilinc provides is really what we need to facilitate this bottoms up approach. Their business motto is they can do it more efficiently across a number of supply chains. Being able to leverage that back and forth is of huge value to somebody like EMC.”

Steve Cleary
VP Procurement and Chief Procurement Officer
(From Supply & Demand Chain Executive)

“One way that helps EMC fulfill its mission is by using Resilinc EventWatch. After the 2011 Thailand floods and the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, EMC discovered it had blind spots in its own supply chain and we had difficulty determining where our parts were being manufactured in a timely manner and it could take several weeks to truly understand the impact. Now we can know in minutes what our supply chain looks like and we have a sense of its recovery capabilities.”

Matt Mills
Principal Program Manager

GM uses Resilinc to achieve supply chain resilience

“Any disruption to our production schedule caused by an unexpected shortage of systems, components or parts even for a relatively short period of time could cause us to alter production schedules or suspend production entirely – and adversely affect our financial results. The multi-tier supply chain mapping and visibility provided by Resilinc gives us valuable insights into potential vulnerabilities deep in our supply chain and work with our suppliers proactively to mitigate issues before they may occur.”

William Hurles
Executive Director of Global Purchasing & Supply Chain

"...GM has invested in new analytic tools that help them analyze the risks associated with suppliers and catastrophic events. They worked with Resilinc to develop these tools. Resilinc is a cloud provider of supply chain resilience solutions. Resilinc helped them geocode supplier’s plants and logistics hubs across their multi-tier supply chain. What this allows GM to do is to draw a circle around an event like an earthquake and answer the question “Which of our suppliers are located within 100 miles of the epicenter? Within 200 miles?" GM can also look at suppliers located within the flood plain of a river and ask questions like "Are all of our key suppliers of a particular component located in that flood zone? What happens if they all go down at once?

So is all this work paying off at GM? In 2011, following the tsunami, 6 weeks after the disaster GM was still finding suppliers located within the affected area. A few weeks ago Japan had a magnitude 7.0 quake. Within 6 hours GM understood the supplier impacts from that quake."

Dan Howe, Global Supply Chain Manager
Speaking to Steve Banker at Logistics Viewpoints - May 2016

“Indeed, if a manufacturing company were to ask for a vendor that covers the full spectrum [risk management; SRM; visibility, monitoring, reporting; responsiveness], the only one that we are experienced with is a small company called Resilinc – a company formed by ex-Cisco risk management practitioners.”

“If I were to give other executives advice on [building a supply chain resilience program], I would say go and get started. This is something your customers expect. This wasn’t a requirement a decade ago, but now it’s table stakes. And, quite frankly, if you’re not doing it now, I’m going to get the parts before you will.”

Global Operations Executive

"In 2013, Juniper Networks got an urgent notification from Resilinc's monitoring service. A key supplier of memory chips had had a fire that would affect 21 parts. Within a couple hours, Juniper had analyzed the issue and, according to Juniper's Joe Carson and Dmitri Kamensky, secured alternative supplies at prices that were substantially less than what slower-acting companies paid."

Juniper Networks Case Study
The Power of Resilience; Sheffi, Yossi

“Managing supply chain risk starts with a great partner like Resilinc, whether it be at the supplier level or at the product part number level, the mapping is extremely important to develop that trust through the supply network. Resilinc helps us understand the sub-tiers to understand the underlying risk. We do a lot of what-if scenarios and mock drills, events happen when they happen - it is important to be prepared at all times.”

John Waite, VP - Global Supply Chain, speaking during the "Managing Supply Chain Risk in the Ring of Fire" webinar
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“Tools such as Resilinc’s map each supplier’s footprint and the origin of their parts and rank supplier locations by their revenue impact, financial risk, location risks, and a “recovery score.” Users can then see which products or processes are most severely impacted by potential disruptions and use this information to prioritize on which plants, products, and processes to focus monitoring and recovering planning.”

Palo Alto Networks uses Resilinc’s supply chain network

“Resilinc enables us to adopt proven industry best practices in supply chain resiliency to strategically protect our products and interests, both now and in the future. By identifying and quantifying single points of failure, we can proactively plan for and mitigate potential disruptions.”

Vonnie French
VP, Supply Chain Operations


“We noted that Resilinc is unique in that it is able to provide an overall risk score, delivered in terms of the relative revenue impact of a disruption, for each location and each product; give you the ability to determine the impact of an external event in a given location with respect to specific supplier locations and sourced products; and identify which locations and products are likely to be impacted by a significant event anywhere in the world as soon as it happens.”

“Sub-Zero Group finds Resilinc’s EventWatch product and service to be hugely valuable. Resilinc notifies us quickly when events occur anywhere around the world, often before these news hit the mainstream media. Events always come in well researched and with information and links that we can immediately follow to ascertain if we need to engage the broader organization or keep on our radar. The ongoing situation updates from Resilinc enable us to have our fingers on the pulse of global events. Our goal is to never be surprised and to meet each event prepared and ready to recover. Resilinc is an important partner in helping us achieve our goal without having to dedicate a team of resources to manage this activity.”

Peggy Petersen
Director of Strategic Sourcing

Western Digital uses Resilinc for end-to-end supply chain management

“Western Digital Corporation has always prided itself on having a world-class supply chain and our experience with the Thailand floods highlighted the need for a scalable approach to multi-tier supply chain visibility and overall resiliency. During our evaluation of alternative supply chain risk solutions post flood, Resilinc stood out from the crowd as the choice for WDC.  Their industry-leading solution provides the scalable and continuous visibility we need to proactively manage our global supply chain risks and potential disruptions.”

Rubik Babakanian
Chief Procurement Officer

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