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What Supply Chain Resiliency Looks Like at Palo Alto Networks

May 30, 2014 Posted by Supply Chain Resiliency, Supply Chain Risk Mitigation, Supply Chain Visibility 0 thoughts on “What Supply Chain Resiliency Looks Like at Palo Alto Networks”

Some people may think that supply chain resiliency programs are something only “veteran” companies engage in. They’re the ones with thousands of suppliers, many years of established supply chain practices and complex operations stretching to every corner of the globe. By default, they must be the ones exposed to greater risk, the common thinking sometimes goes.

But, that’s not the case. Younger companies with growing supply chains aren’t immune to supply chain disruptions or their impact. They face many of the same concerns bigger or “older” companies do. It’s the nature of business today–complexity and risk are inherent challenges all companies need to manage, internally or with third-party support.

Just ask Rachel Yabut, manager of supply chain and NPI at Palo Alto Networks Inc.

“Palo Alto Networks decided to invest in supply chain resiliency with Resilinc because we determined early on how significant a risk can impact our supply chain,” said Yabut, who is in charge of identifying supply chain risks and mitigating them. “We’re a young and growing company. We saw that Resilinc was the perfect outsourced model for us to be able to define what those risks are and apply mitigations to them.”

So far, the enterprise security company’s resiliency program has reaped several benefits. The most important of which has been the company’s ability to keep its revenue goals intact despite part inventory and availability issues within the supplier base that could have negatively affected Palo Alto Networks’ product shipments, she noted. 

Curiously, too, as a result of getting Resilinc’d, Palo Alto Networks’ conversations with insurance companies have shifted. When the company mentions that it has a resiliency program in place and uses supply chain risk mitigation solutions, the insurance agents’ interest is piqued and they want to know more about the steps the company is taking and how those steps are taken.

As Yabut noted, it doesn’t matter where your company is on the growth curve, embedding risk mitigation into the corporate culture is vital to any company’s success.

Take a look at this video and hear more about how Palo Alto Networks shaped its risk management strategy, or how Juniper Networks is doing the same.

Want to learn more? Check out Resilinc’s new YouTube channel for client testimonials and more information about the company.

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