Your suppliers will appreciate that you chose Resilinc!

Resilinc's Follow-the-Sun Supplier Services Model is unique.

Resilinc takes full responsibility for all aspects of supplier outreach, training, onboarding, data collection, validation, load and quality.  Suppliers use our platform for free.

Our multi-lingual team has successfully worked with a diverse, global supplier base.



Your suppliers realize tremendous efficiencies by being on the Resilinc platform.

  • High supplier participation rate, + low resource impact to suppliers over time due to our secure, enterprise “LinkedIn” type model for supplier data collection (supplier inputs once and approves multiple customer access)
  • We pre-populate the survey with publicly available information to save time and effort for suppliers.
  • Resilinc notifies suppliers for free, any time an event occurs in the vicinity of a supplier factory. Without fielding multiple calls, suppliers can respond once and let all their approved customers know right away that they are fine or they are impacted.
  • The more suppliers and customers in the network, the greater the time saving for each, and the higher the value proposition!!!
  • Resilinc now also offers suppliers tremendous insights, recommendations and guidance, with the Resilinc R Score, so that suppliers can take charge and improve their own resiliency.


We've got so good at this; our Data Operations capability has received ISO certification! Check out our ISO 9001 certification


Our Supplier Support Services

    • Scalable and secure supplier onboarding, data research/collection and update processes - multiple languages covered
    • Supplier training (group and 1/1, if needed) to educate suppliers on your expectations, requirements, rationale, terminology, etc.
    • Data standardization (e.g., company, location names, site names, addresses, etc.) to resolve inconsistencies and ‘dups’
    • Data load and ongoing data quality check

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