Supplier Part Change Notification

Control the Supplier Part Change Notification process before it controls you.

Resilinc Supplier Part Change Notification (PCN) is an integrated inter-enterprise collaboration solution for both suppliers that issue change notifications and brand owners that consume them.

For brand owners Supplier PCN automates the costly, time-consuming, and error-prone activities associated with processing the potentially overwhelming volume of supplier product change notifications while complying with applicable industry standards.

For suppliers Supplier PCN provides a centralized process for creating and securely sharing change notifications, and responding to customers while complying with applicable industry standards.

The Resilinc Supplier PCN module is an integrated component of the Resilinc SCRM solution suite — a complete solution platform for supply chain resilience and risk management intelligence and analytics.

Supplier Part Change Notification ROI

  • Supplier PCN may save a typical company up to $1.5 million in change notification processing costs annually—enabling them to redirect resource and financial savings to neglected higher value- add tasks.
  • Represents on average 50-70% in cost savings compared to existing manual processes
  • Based on data from high tech and life sciences customers that process 500-800 Supplier PCNs per year that take an average of 2 weeks to complete
  • Does not include worst case scenarios resulting from compliance and legal liability and actions potentially avoided

Supplier PCN Business Benefits

For Brand Owners

Avoid risks and potential damage to financial plans, brand, and customer satisfaction.

  • Save time and money with a centralized information repository, and standardized workflow and prioritization process based on business impact.
  • Eliminate errors which can result in litigation by automating receipt, triage, and audit processes.
  • Prove compliance with audit and traceability automation.
  • Monitor, measure, and continuously improve PCN processing bottlenecks.

Leverage your SCRM platform across multiple supply chain risk management initiatives.

  • Utilize a centralized repository to track additional supply chain initiatives such as risk management, compliance, business continuity planning, and CSR.
  • Develop more complete supplier and part-level risk assessments by integrating supplier PCN data.

For Suppliers

Dramatically increase PCN publishing and tracking productivity.

  • Save time and money by leveraging a single repository for all notification content, specifications, and associated documentation.
  • Increase productivity with a “create once; share multiple times” information publishing model.
  • Gain visibility into customer notification processing status.

Increase customer satisfaction.

  • Impress customers with a seamless, collaborative PCN tracking and audit process.
  • Increase probability that customers are ready by implementation deadlines.


Key Capabilities and Features

Brand Owner Capabilities and Features
Turnkey complete life-cycle management of Supplier PCN from receipt to audit.

Receipt and Triage

  • Prioritize PCNs for processing based on product/part and revenue impact data already in the system.
  • Capture PCNs otherwise inappropriately ignored due to mismatched product-component mapping.
  • Use flexible reporting and analytics to measure quality KPIs.
  • Be ready to address PCN impact before suppliers implement the change.

Collaboration, Tracking, and Audit

  • Consolidate all Supplier PCN-related information in a single location/record including critical data, supplier conversation/message history, notes, meeting minutes, and supporting documentation.
  • Continuously improve process with audit logs and supplier KPI reports.
  • Utilize dashboards and metrics for tracking and reporting (e.g. change notifications by status, reason, implementation date, and notice period).
  • Report history of all activities on any notification for audit purposes.
  • Measure supplier adherence to change notice metrics in the contract.
  • Easily navigate to Supplier PCN records using robust filtering and search options.
  • More easily conduct PCN post-mortem analysis via email communication integration and traceability.

Supplier Capabilities and Features

Centralize the process and the data for creating and securely sharing change notifications, and tracking customer responses.


  • Create and publish notifications to all customers (including those who do not use Resilinc) from one central repository.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by targeting notifications for receipt only by impacted customers.
  • Selectively recall published notifications with the click of a button.
  • Specify parts affected and attach supporting documentation.

Collaboration, Tracking, and Audit

  • Gain visibility to and monitor customer change notice review status/progress (e.g. accepted, rejected, under review, etc.).
  • Conduct and log two-way PCN-specific conversations with customers.
  • Search the central repository for quick access to PCN records.
  • Report history of all activities on any notification for customer audit and contract review purposes.


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