Accelerate your supply chain resiliency journey with Resilinc

Resilinc offers the industry's most complete solution encompassing end to end supply chain visibility across multiple tiers, advanced predictive analytics and extensive proactive mitigation workflows - in a single cloud and mobile friendly solution.

Our customers choose Resilinc because they acknowledge that managing billions of dollars in supply chain spend and revenue using spreadsheets, email or with resources is no longer cutting it.

We can help you quickly satisfy:

  • Your executives and board of directors' concerns about supply chain performance variability.
  • Your customers who require consistent service and delivery performance
  • Your leadership team's expectations of cost savings, inventory turns and revenue targets


Resilinc's Supply Chain Risk Management Solution harnesses the power of our big data platform and advanced predictive analytics to enable our customers to make deep and extensive supply chain intelligence go to work for them.

Our advanced analytics capabilities include harnessing the power of machine intelligence and deep learning to analyze the vast reams of supply chain data quickly. All this, presented to our users in the form of powerful visualization and dashboards with actionable insights delivered seamlessly to our cloud and mobile app platforms. Customers can control access based on their role and span of control in the organization.

Supply Chain Risk Management Business Challenges


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Could an easy to deploy, learn and use cloud-based solution, and compelling new analytic dashboard functionality overcome organizational resistance?

Overcoming organizational barriers

Potential organizational barriers to adopting new solutions are numerous. They may include a lack of understanding of supply chain risks to the business (and as a result, the value proposition of investing in solutions to mitigate those risks), skepticism about the return on IT investments, the ability to manage change with respect to the existing supply chain processes and culture, resources and budget, and IT dependence.

But, even if there is the will, is there a way to collaborate with suppliers across all tiers so that information is shared and updated reliably and efficiently?

Achieving end-to-end supply chain visibility

The fundamental challenge is achieving visibility to an n-tier and rapidly mutating multienterprise supply chain grid. 40% of disruptions can be attributed to sub-tier supply chain partners. And yet, 75% of companies do not manage suppliers beyond tier 1 (2013 Penn State Study on State of Logistics Outsourcing).

Should supply chain teams consider outsourcing event monitoring and analysis services to conserve on budget and resources?

Monitoring global events and isolating the potential business impact

Once organizations successfully map their supply chains, gaining visibility to the shape and configuration of their network of sites, associated parts, and important supplier information, they need to take the next step. The next step is to monitor events that may impact the performance of their network, pinpoint the point of impact, and assess the potential significance. However, organizations often do not have the resources and budget to do this in a comprehensive and methodical way.

Do organizations that invest in supply chain visibility risk management analytics see the opportunity to increase market share where others see only the threat of lost business?

Making sure brand and shareholder value are protected

The sudden lack of availability of parts or components of a shipping product (especially those that go undetected for a while), can have a devastating effect on revenue forecasts, customer satisfaction, and brand and shareholder value.

If I were to give other executives advice on [building a supply chain resilience program], I would say go and get started. This is something your customers expect. This wasn’t a requirement a decade ago, but now [supply chain mapping, proactive analytics, and event monitoring services] are table stakes. And, quite frankly, if you’re not doing it now, I’m going to get the parts before you will.

Global Operations Executive
Juniper Networks

Resilinc Risk Solution Benefits


98% of our suppliers participated [in the Resilinc supplier mapping process] without pressure. DENTSPLY explains the business need and Resilinc does the heavy lifting. It works because most suppliers want to improve.

Craig Fix
Corporate Director of Global Procurement & Sourcing DENTSPLY Corporation

Reclaim supply chain control with end-to-end supply chain visibility

  • Easily map your end-to-end multi-tier supply chain footprint — down to the raw materials and part level — into a single supplier information repository (i.e., “version of truth”).
  • Leverage our extensive Supplier Network and “submit once, share multiple times” supplier data model which has proven to encourage unprecedented supplier participation and bring down the cost of acquiring visibility.
  • Rely on our proprietary data collection best practices and process expertise — to consolidate and validate your mission-critical supplier data.

Make supply chain continuity a competitive advantage

  • Protect key risks to supply chain performance, by making deep supply chain intelligence work for you.
  • Leverage advanced analytics to guide proactive planning and actions including establishing mitigation metrics and ownership, risk thresholds for sourcing and recovery time, and priorities based on budget and resources.

Resilinc Risk

The Resilinc Risk Solution is a configuration that leverages the Resilinc solution platform and complementary Resilinc Customer Success and Supplier Services and EventWatch event monitoring service capabilities.

Resilinc harnesses the power of our deep supply chain intelligence, extensive supplier network, world class event monitoring and ISO certified services offering to deliver this capability to our customers via our cloud and mobile platforms.

Resilinc Risk Dashboard Analytics

Visualize your supply chain to identify vulnerabilities and mitigation opportunities.

  • Customized views and analysis of supply network by supplier, sub-contractor, third-party location, part, commodity, product or product family, country, region, custom grouping or geographic selections
  • Standard risk assessment reports
  • Easy integration with third-party dashboard and visualization tools

Supplier Network

Maintain an accurate map of your end-to-end supply chain network.

  • Complete and accurate n-tier supply chain network mapping and maintenance
  • Visibility to all relevant upstream and downstream supply chain partner, distributor, and customer relationships

Supplier Risk Info Repository

Centralize your supplier intelligence in a single repository to facilitate risk mitigation planning, incident response, and supplier collaboration.

  • Single centralized repository to track additional supply chain initiatives such as conflict minerals compliance (CFSI), business continuity planning, capacity management, CSR/responsible sourcing (EICC, SB-657), and security (C-TPAT)
  • Suppliers, locations, and activities tracking
  • Subcontractors, locations, and activities tracking
  • Multi-tier (2nd, 3rd, etc.) locations and activities tracking
  • Alternate sites and recovery times tracking
  • Third-party emergency contact information tracking

Proactive Risk Mitigation and Scenario Planning

Run risk analytics, quantification models, and What-If simulations to proactively identify and mitigate vulnerabilities.

  • Financial risk score integration in supplier risk analysis, including credit risk, z-score, and debt rating
  • Location risk score integration in supplier risk analysis, including natural hazards, geopolitical, macroeconomic, and local and site-specific risks
  • Recovery risk score integration in supplier risk analysis, including recovery time and BCP survey response
  • Operational risk integration in supplier risk analysis including delivery and lead time performance, quality, cost/flexibility, and capacity metrics
  • Revenue impact calculation in supply chain risk assessment and analysis
  • Country risk assessments integration in supplier risk analysis including number of sites and sub-tier dependencies
  • Proactive assessment of aggregated regional site risks and potential hotspots
  • Single point of failure analysis by different product groupings to identify single-sourced and difficult-to-replace parts used across multiple product lines
  • Commodity strategy and risk thresholds settings to calculate and flag parts that are exceptions
  • Ability to assign commodity manager by part and enable them to open mitigations and track status and approvals
  • Mitigation resources and budget prioritization based on assessment of high-risk, high-revenue parts/partners
  • Supply chain risk mitigation progress, metrics, and target tracking and reporting
  • What-If scenario planning simulations of potential crises situations, results analysis, and proactive response plan formulation
  • Ability to view alternative sites, supplier business continuity plans, anticipated recovery times, and expected revenue impact
  • Identification of parts/suppliers with high risk being designed into new products (“design for resiliency”)
  • Ability to put mitigation strategies in place during design stage
  • Executive business review meetings including supply chain insights and recommendations

Incident Response and Recovery

Respond efficiently and effectively to a supply chain incident with our virtual Event War Room and What-If scenario planning to minimize customer, financial and competitive impacts

  • EventWatch 24/7 global event monitoring service for real-time event detection and impact analysis
  • Ability to view the disruption zone and pinpoint supplier sites, products, parts, and customers potentially impacted
  • Ability to identify single-sourced parts potentially impacted, associated recovery times, and inventory on-hand
  • Ability to quickly secure inventory and identify alternate sites and sources for impacted parts
  • Workflows to develop pre-determined mitigation strategies and process rules for an automated, coordinated, and optimized response
  • Emergency contact information to quickly verify supplier impact and receive on-going updates
  • Capability to perform post-event demand-supply matching
  • Embedded best-practices to ensure proven and consistent crisis response

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