Resilinc Mobile Platform

Your supply chain intelligence and supplier network travel with you.

The Resilinc Mobile App puts global supply chain disruption information – generated by the Resilinc EventWatch® 24x7 event monitoring and email alert and analysis services – in the palm of your hands. It then connects your mobile device to the award-winning Resilinc cloud risk management intelligence and analytics engine to deliver key executive metric and decision-support information such as impacted suppliers and sites and revenue at risk.

"We see mobile apps and solutions with a mobile-first mentality as the way of the future for SCRM practitioners and enterprise resiliency initiatives. We need to respond instantly to potential disruptions to our supply chain continuity. Mobility will be the key to making sure resiliency remains a competitive advantage for us."

Lou Ferretti   Project Executive, IBM


Business Benefits

Resilinc’s re-designed native mobile app provides the following transformative benefits:

  • It provides time sensitive access to information about unfolding events that may impact your supply chain globally and 24×7.
  • It puts critical information at your fingertips and provide a platform for true real-time collaboration and coordinated action.
  • It enables you to take rapid and decisive action like mobilizing crisis response plans and playbooks.
  • It attracts a new user class due to its intrinsic ease of use. namely executives — who rarely login to enterprise applications from their laptop or desktop devices.
  • It can eliminate escalations and streamline decision making by engaging executives directly in the process.
  • It leverages native strengths as a phone and camera to facilitate tasks like accessing emergency contact information and sharing pictures of impacted sites.

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Key Features

Event Management

  • Real-time push notifications when events occur including summary description, event type, severity rating, and time stamp
  • Ability to view active events log by event type, severity rating, impact summary, revenue at risk
  • Link to full EventWatch® email bulletin content including companies, industries, and parts/materials effected as well as links to previous EventWatch updates and related news and articles
  • Personalized event-specific drill down capability for further information including suppliers, sites, categories, products and parts potentially effected.
  • Visualization (Google maps) of impact regions and mapped suppliers and sites.
  • Social feed for context-sensitive communication and collaboration
  • Ability to filter events by “events with impact” versus “events with no impact”
  • Quick access to emergency contacts via phone or email

Executive Dashboards

  • Simple aggregate enterprise supply chain risk dashboard (scale of 1-10)
  • Event status dashboard (bar chart) showing count of events categorized as new, under assessment, in the process of mitigation, or closed
  • “Top 10 Riskiest Categories” dashboard (bar chart; scale of 1-10)
  • Supplier on-boarding dashboard showing survey completion status by survey type and implementation phase (stacked bar)

Partner Management

  • Quick access to all risk rating, site location, revenue at risk, and event-related information associated with individual suppliers
  • Tools to facilitate site visits including ability to make quick notes and upload site photographs and other documents

App Access & Support

  • Android – Google play store
  • iOS – Apple App store

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