Solving supply chain problems by following the traditional approach of adding more resources is no longer a viable strategy!

The extensive and unique supply chain intelligence available on the Resilinc platform, when combined with historical operations data, yields rich insights into predicting how a supply chain will perform on key metrics such as revenue attainment, cost savings achievement, on time delivery and inventory turns.

Advanced machine intelligence enables our customers to PREDICT how their supply chain will perform, and more importantly, PRESCRIBE what strategies will enable them to turn problems into opportunities for growth.

From Data to Insights with Resilinc's AI Platform

This is the age of content generation - with social and enterprise networks, ERP/MRP, unstructured data such as social media, blogs, news, in addition to POS, RFID, mobile and other technologies converting every aspect of the human and enterprise experience into data that is waiting to be leveraged... for insights that were previously unknown or unseen!

Artificial intelligence offers a competitive advantage to the companies who can harness informational flows and hierarchies of variables effectively, and combine vast reams of seemingly disjointed data sets to arrive at meaningful insights that predict outcomes. 

Not only that, AI is the fastest path to analyzing the most optimal paths to altering these predictions to secure a favorable outcome.


AI in action...

Answers to top of mind questions like...

What is the true impact of today's Japan earthquake to my supply chain...

within seconds!

Your Resilinc solution will have evaluated:

  • the tier 1 and sub-tier suppliers located there
  • the interdependencies between them
  • the time to recover for activities performed
  • available alternate sites and associated recovery times
  • considered the market ebb and falls of the products in question
  • factored in suppliers' past performance during disruptions
  • most current reports of damage and disruptions



PREDICT supply chain performance on key metrics

Visualize your supply chain to identify vulnerabilities and mitigation opportunities.

  • Analyze relevant upstream and downstream supply chain partner, distributor, and customer relationships
  • Analyze  supplier performance metrics and vulnerabilities
  • Evaluate current events
  • Analyze historical shipments, pricing, logistics datasets
  • Factor in market dynamics
  • Predict supply chain behavior and confidence level

PROTECT disruption impact

  • Analyze event scale and past ripple effects
  • Factor in relevant upstream and downstream supply chain partner, distributor, and customer relationships
  • Analyze supplier performance metrics and vulnerabilities
  • Evaluate current events
  • Analyze demand, shipment, pricing and logistics data
  • Factor in market dynamics
  • Predict impact to key supply chain metrics with degree of confidence

OPTIMIZE risk protection – maximize protection, minimize mitigation cost 

  • Assess degree of vulnerability and strengths
  • Analyze past ripple effects and risk impact
  • Factor in relevant upstream and downstream supply chain partner, distributor, and customer relationships
  • Model market reaction and timeframes
  • Factor in costs & timeframes of mitigation options
  • Prescribe most effective mitigation offering maximum protection for most risks, at the lowest cost point


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