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Disruptions don’t wait for office hours, why should you!

Our customer success managers are available 24x7 in our unique, follow-the-sun model.

Strong value realization translates into long term, reference-able relationships.  We take pride in our track record.  (What our customers are saying)

Get the blueprint for supply chain resiliency from our experts...

We will accelerate your journey to maturity, and help your suppliers be more resilient...We love what we do, and you'll love it too.


Our customer service offering is tailored to your technology adoption journey

Our goal is to deliver a consistent and high quality customer experience, and to accelerate your journey to maturity.  At Resilinc, we believe every interaction should be a high quality and positive interaction for our valued customers.   customer-success-services-by-lc-phase

Our experts have successfully partnered with customers to accelerate their adoption and maturity.

  • Customer onboarding support
  • Customer data validation and load
  • Super-user training
  • Training support for organizational adoption
  • ERP Integration (recommended, not required)
  • Regular status updates on supplier mapping progress
  • Ongoing supplier escalation reporting
  • Customer performance metrics, adoption journey and maturity model assessment
  • Benchmarking insights and recommendations
  • Regular Executive business reviews (EBR) to review health, supply chain resilience insights, KPIs
  • Strategies to accelerate adoption and maturity

Meet the Resilinc Customer Success Team

Ayeena Puri
Sandeep Ramachandran
Hannah Fliesler
Cody Wilson
Neil Shenoi
Sophia Garcia
Desiree Rose

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