Sending Off Our 2015 Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council Award Winners

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GSCRC_Logo.jpgIn case you haven’t heard, the second annual Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council and Awards Event is just around the corner, set to take place on February 24th, 2016 at The Sheraton Palo Alto.

The GSCRC awards program recognizes organizations and individuals that are role models and leaders in driving supply chain resiliency strategy innovation and best practices within their company, supply chain community, and across industries. The awards committee considers nominations received from its Council members. If you’re not already a Council member of the GSCRC, don’t hesitate to hop on board – it’s as simple as joining the LinkedIn discussion group!

With the second annual Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council and Awards Event approaching, we’d like to take a moment to recognize this year’s award recipients, as well as remind you to submit your nominations for the upcoming awards event by January 15th, 2016.

2015 Award Recipients

Resilient Supply Chain Partner of the Year: Bose Corporation

ResilincAward-Partner-300x217.pngThis is the overall award  that goes to the company that does the best job of bringing together aligned people, processes, and technology to achieve supply chain risk management and resiliency performance excellence. Key criteria include:

  • People: The company fosters a culture of risk management and resiliency excellence via executive leadership sponsorship and professional development and advancement opportunities (e.g. career growth paths and training).
  • Processes: The company’s SCRM and resiliency processes are at an advanced level of maturity and there is a commitment to institutionalizing best practices, and demonstrating innovation and continuous improvement over time.
  • Technology: The company adopts and leverages advanced technology to automate and streamline the execution of risk management best practices and processes and improve customer collaboration

Resilient Supply Chain Professional of the Year: Bob Scott, Linear Technology

ResilincAward-Professional-300x217.pngThe award recognizes individual success in advancing supply chain risk management strategies and best practices within their company and across their industry. Key criteria include:

  • The individual is successful in championing the importance of SCRM within his/her company and acting as a successful change agent.
  • Individual is active across the industry in advancing the profession by sharing best practices, successes and lessons learned via active participation in industry events and media communication opportunities.

Resilient Supply Chain Collaborator of the Year: EMD Millipore

ResilincAward-Collaborator-300x217.pngThis award recognizes the supply chain partner that collaborates most effectively with customers for mutual benefit. Key criteria include:

  • Supply intelligence is shared with customers proactively or in a highly responsive manner if requested.
  • The company strives to understand customer requirements and for transparency and is willing to share appropriate information for mutual benefit.
  • The company is instrumental in developing and improving communication and survey response processes (e.g. potential disruption risks, ER plans, BCP and CSR policies, etc.) and potentially change notifications.
  • The company consistently delivers information of high data quality and integrity (e.g. little need for re-validation) in support of customer success metrics

Resilient Supply Chain Technology Driver of the Year: Western Digital

ResilincAward-TechDriver-300x217.pngThis award recognizes the company that best leverages technology to achieve supply chain risk management and resiliency performance excellence and customer-supplier collaboration. Key criteria include:

  • The company uses advanced technology (e.g. cloud, analytics, visualization, mobile, social media technologies) in support of resiliency strategies and goals such as improved customer collaboration.
  • The technology has been accepted and adopted by key SCRM professionals as evidenced by high connectivity/usage rates (e.g. percentage of users that are trained to use the system, percentage of users that login every day).
  • The company fosters an organizational culture that rewards technology adoption and risk taking, and a commitment to leveraging technology innovation to drive continuous improvement over time.
  • The company has achieved a quantifiable ROI or a measurable benefit by using technology to address a significant supply chain risk management challenge.

Resilient Supply Chain Educator of the Year Award: Sandy Boyson, University of Maryland

ResilincAward-Educator-300x217.pngThis individual award recognizes the educator that best supports further development of university-level education programs focusing on supply chain operations and resiliency and is best preparing the next generation of supply chain risk management superstars. Key criteria include:

  • The individual plays a pivotal role in talent development for the supply chain industry with a special competency in risk management.
  • This award also recognizes educators that play an important role in cross-pollinating ideas and strategies between academia and the business community.

Submitting Your Nominations

Nominating a company or individual for one of the five GSCRC awards is easy and only takes a few minutes. In addition to nominating other companies and individuals, participants are free to nominate themselves and/or their respective organizations. The award winners will be recognized at the GSCRC & Awards event on February 24th in Palo Alto, California.

Click here to submit your nominations.

All current and future GSCRC members are heartily encouraged to attend the Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council & Awards event – it is the premier event in this field and a key channel for member networking and knowledge sharing. As a GSCRC member in attendance, you’ll join the ranks of the leading professional community and network for supply chain risk management practitioners, leaders, and stakeholders.


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