Time-to-Recovery (TTR)

Time-to-Recovery is the gap in time between when a disruptive event happens and when the company can restart normal production. It signifies the time for a supply chain tier to fully recover after a particular disruption. TTR includes: the duration of recovery efforts to restart production and delieveries at the disrupted supplier; the time taken to locate, qualify, buy, and use parts from an alternate source; the duration of reengineering processes to utilize other types of available components and capacities.Identifying the Time to Recovery for each node in a supply chain is a critical component in planning for unexpected disruptions. By inspecting supply chain nodes individually, one can calculate the financial impact of each node. Determining the TTR for each node requires a complete analysis of a product's Bill of Materials (BOM), multi-tier supplier data, and transportation routes. Comprehensive TTR intelligence reduces the overall risk for manufacturers and the businesses they supply.

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