Accelerate Your Supply Chain Towards Industry 4.0

The WAVZ combination of Big Data, AI and Mobile platforms enables your supply chain organization to navigate chaos with ease:

  • Increased visibility from tier 1 to n
  • Real-time event monitoring
  • Direct co-ordination with supplier partners
  • Real-time data analysis displayed in relevant, actionable role-based reports and dashboards
  • Scenario playbooks to enable efficient and effective mitigation of events and supply risks
  • Supply chain data at your finger tips wherever you are
  • Optimized resource utilization, both financial (inventory) and human

Resilinc WAVZ platform ingests small and big data, verifies and validates it using machine learning, then provides deep insights into the risk in your supply chain. Structured, semi-structured and un-structured data is combined and passed through the analytics engine, providing accurate analysis and suggesting prescriptive actions, not only highlighting risk, but also suggesting alternatives.

WAVZ makes proactive mitigation and event response both faster and smarter, driving efficiencies in your organization and giving your company a competitive advantage in the marketplace.