Resilinc Wavz Solution Showcase

Resilinc Wavz Solution Showcase

Resilinc has released its next generation big-data platform on Sept 05, 2017. “WAVZ is a powerful platform that will foundationally transform Resilinc’s leadership in advanced analytics in the years to come,” said Sumit Vakil, chief product officer and founder of Resilinc. “We architected it to accelerate our ability to quickly design and deliver new capabilities to support our customer evolving needs. It will also allow us to support on-premise as well as cloud applications of the Resilinc solution.”

WAVZ enables supply chain experts to navigate supply chain risk with ease, greatly simplifying the complex and time-consuming tasks of consolidating information, activating enterprise networks, connecting relevant people and optimizing advanced analytics. “WAVZ combines the power of big data, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing with Resilinc’s supply chain risk management expertise to allow our customers to make the next leap in transforming their supply chains, “ said Pramod Akkarachittor, vice president of product management. “It allows Resilinc to harness the latest technologies for solving tomorrow’s supply chain risk management challenges in the fastest, most efficient way possible.”

Key Features of Resilinc WAVZ

WAVZ will showcase a modern, touch-enabled user experience, beautiful supply chain visualizations and a user configurable solution experience.

WAVZ also sets the foundation for launching a range of single function mobile apps, leading with Resilinc’s world class EventWatch app.

All 15,000 plus Resilinc users will be able to leverage the EventWatch mobile app to monitor global events and coordinate response with each other across the Resilinc supplier network.

Users will be able to develop risk profiles with an unlimited number of risk indices at the part, site, supplier and product level. Resilinc’s content partners such as Rapid Ratings (financial scores), Verisk Maplecroft (location scores) and other key experts will be able to seamlessly offer their capabilities to customers.

WAVZ also comes complete with a rules-based risk prioritization module and a mitigation playbook workflow module to allow a wide range of users to proactively prioritize and appropriately action the most critical risks.

The Value Tailored to User Needs


who want a simple event monitoring system will find WAVZ quick to activate, simple to use and effective to grow with.


users, who have begun their supply chain risk journey with event monitoring and mapping, who are looking for comprehensive risk quantification and prescriptive playbooks that they can leverage quickly, will find it easy to accomplish on WAVZ.


Supply Chain Risk Management experts who are looking to operationalize risk within their organization, will find WAVZ will support their hundreds of team members with role-based access to relevant functionality, and prescriptive playbooks that will automate action-taking based on predefined rules and workflows. Complex, matrixed and global teams will be able to implement uniform risk identification, quantification and mitigation practices across their organizations.

There’s always something for Suppliers on Resilinc
Resilinc’s solution is used by tens of thousands of Supplier Users across 135 countries.

  • With WAVZ, Resilinc offers suppliers their own mobile app free of charge. Suppliers can access Resilinc’s EventWatch bulletins, see which customers are requesting impact confirmation and respond directly via the app itself. This will greatly accelerate the speed of collaboration between customers and suppliers during massive supply chain events such as Hurricane Harvey.
  • Suppliers will be able to access all existing data they have shared on Resilinc, and leverage it across many customers, but also tailor responses customer by customer.
  • WAVZ also connects suppliers and customers directly and allows them to message relevant users in each organization, to facilitate effective collaboration on their supply chain mapping, survey data collection and risk mitigation initiatives.
  • WAVZ sets the foundation for suppliers to seamlessly access and manage their R Score.

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