Supply chain risk is a growing concern for all product companies today because the extensive globalization of the supplier base and increasing complexity of buyer-supplier relationships has created large resource hurdles to  maintaining visibility to the vulnerabilities that can have a negative impact on supply chain performance.  In today’s environment, a robust supply chain risk management capability that enables transparency, provides ongoing global event surveillance and responds to identified issues via an end to end proactive workflow based prediction and resolution engine is a must have.The business case must be compelling enough  to influence stakeholders and provide them the human resources, technology budget and organizational change mandate needed in order to get their program off the ground.

The best way to understand ROI is to understand and quantify the cost of risk.  Each organization is paying for the inherent risk of their business, in the form of raw material purchase price variances (PPV), increased inventory, bigger team sizes and freight expedites costs.  A robust business case involves quantifying the cost of risk without an SCRM solution, and showing the leadership team how the new capabilities can reduce these costs.

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ROI: Taking SCRM From Cost Center to Growth Enabler