When Disaster Strikes,
Every Second Counts

Connect your mobile device to the award-winning Resilinc cloud risk management intelligence and analytics engine to assess event impacts, access metric data and mobilize resources anytime, anywhere.

With Resilinc M-Appz, Your Supplier Network Travels With You

We see mobile apps and solutions with a mobile-first mentality as the way of the future for SCRM practitioners and enterprise resiliency initiatives. We need to respond instantly to potential disruptions to our supply chain continuity. Mobility will be the key to making sure resiliency remains a competitive advantage for us.

Lou Ferretti
Project Executive

M-Appz Enabled Supply Chain Management

“Always on” access to information on events which may impact your supply chain


Critical information at your finger tips allowing for real-time coordinated action to effectively manage risk

Rapid and decisive response capability to mobile resources and launch mitigation plans and playbooks in case of disruption

Ease of access to real-time supply chain risk data for executives

Streamlined decision making and minimized escalation via ease of engagement with all stakeholders

Immediate access to information of the impacted site and ability to connect with emergency contacts directly through device


Event Management

  • Real-time push notifications when events occur including summary description, event type, severity rating, and time stamp
  • Link to full EventWatch® email bulletin content including companies, industries, and parts/materials effected as well as links to previous EventWatch® updates and related news and articles
  • Personalized event-specific drill down capability for further information including suppliers, sites, categories, products and parts potentially effected
  • Visualization (Google maps) of impact regions and mapped suppliers and sites
  • Social feed for context-sensitive communication and collaboration



Reporting and Dashboards

  • Enterprise supply chain risk dashboard lets your executives know how their supply chain risk program is performing
  • Event status dashboard showing events categorized as new, under assessment, in the process of mitigation, or closed to keep tabs on what’s happening in the world
  • Supplier on-boarding dashboard showing survey completion status by survey type and implementation phase to track completeness of risk data in real time

Partner Management

  • Access to emergency contacts via phone or email
  • View all supplier and site risk scores, locations, and revenue at risk
  • Event-related information associated with individual suppliers
  • Track impact and response with quick notes, site photographs and other documents

Apps Access and Support

  • Apps based architecture across all device types
  • Available for iOS based devices
  • Available for Android based devices

Portable. Smart. 24x7.
Resilinc M-APPZ

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