Throwing People at Supply Chain Problems Is No Longer a Viable Strategy

Advanced machine intelligence enables our customers to PREDICT how their supply chain will perform, and more importantly, PRESCRIBE what strategies will enable them to turn problems into opportunities for growth.


From Data to Insights, Instantly with Resilinc EVA

Expect the Unexpected

Social and enterprise networks, ERP/MRP, social media, blogs, news, as well as POS, RFID, mobile and other technologies are converting every aspect of the human and enterprise experience into data that is waiting to be transformed into insights that were previously unknown or unseen!

EVA is Resilinc’s Artificial Intelligence platform that utilizes our extensive supply chain datasets and network combined with historical operations data to yield rich insights into how a supply chain will perform on key metrics such as revenue attainment, cost savings achievement, on time delivery and inventory turns.

Supply chain execs already see the future coming and it’s EVA....

Welcome to the Next Frontier for Supply Chain Performance with Resilinc EVA


believe that digital advances will drive major changes in supply chain



anticipate that advances in analytics will enable forward looking and strategic decision making


anticipate automation of daily transactional activities & exception handling


Supply Chain Exec:

EVA, What is the true impact of today’s earthquake in Japan to my supply chain?

With Resilinc EVA, Your Supply Chain Learns and Responds in Real Time


Predict Performance

  • Analyze relevant upstream and downstream supply chain partner, distributor, and customer relationships
  • Analyze  supplier metrics and vulnerabilities
  • Analyze historical shipments, pricing, logistics datasets
  • Factor in market dynamics
  • Predict supply chain behavior and confidence level

Protect Revenue

  • Analyze event scale and past ripple effects
  • Evaluate current events
  • Analyze demand, shipment, pricing and logistics data
  • Predict impact to key supply chain metrics with degree of confidence

Optimize Resources

  • Apply mitigation resources to the highest risk/ROI areas
  • Model market reaction and timeframes
  • Factor in costs & timeframes of mitigation options
  • Prescribe most effective mitigation offering maximum protection for most risks, at the lowest cost point

Predict. Protect. Optimize.
Resilinc EVA

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