Resilinc Academic Partnership

Resilinc Academic Partnership

Seed the next generation of supply chain risk leaders in the classroom itself


Hands-on learning in the classroom

Supply chain risk lessons can be hard taught, on the job over decades. Resilinc is bringing real-life experiences to the classroom, and training the next generation of supply chain risk experts.


Resilinc's Mobile App used by students

Participants get Resilinc's mobile app and cloud solution with data, incorporating all our methodologies, best practices and analytics.

Assess BCP Robustness

24X7 supply chain alerts and events

Participants receive Resilinc's 24x7 monitoring and alerts about news and events potentially impacting supply chain. Class discussions come to life with analyzing impact to supply chain of real life events.

"Resilinc’s provided my MBA students access to their 24×7 event monitoring and research.  This significantly increased their awareness of the magnitude and frequency of risk events facing supply chain practitioners every day!  It enriched our class discussions about how a recent M&A or regulatory change could impact the supply chain.  Students had a lot of fun and learned things that could take years to learn the hard way, on the job.  It also enhanced their understanding of leading-edge capabilities needed to identify and mitigate risk, and improve resiliency, minimizing potential disruptions to organizations."

Bill Hurles, Wayne State University, MI

What's the Risk Game?

The risk game developed by Resilinc is a learning tool for supply chain management professionals and students. The game is highly engaging, interactive and a fun way to understand how information can help companies be lean and resilient. This exercise is an effective catalyst to trigger supply chain risk strategy conversations at executive levels.

Purpose and Objectives of the Risk Game

The purpose of the workshop is to facilitate a discussion on Supply Chain Risk Management and help organizations experience the key decisions that need to be made before, during and after a supply chain disruption. This highly interactive simulation provides insights into supply chain risk for supply chain executives, professionals in risk management, business continuity, commodity, manufacturing, logistics, finance as well as academia

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