SupplyIntel™ Supply Chain Risk Management Product Overview

The Leading Cloud Software Tool for Supply Chain Resiliency

SupplyIntel™ is the name of Resilinc’s flagship product suite and umbrella brand. It consists of (1) the SupplyIntel™platform, (2) SupplyIntel solution modules built on the SupplyIntel platform, (3) SupplyIntel DataServices, and (4) the SupplyIntel EventWatch™ EventMonitoring service.

SupplyIntel Solution

Supply Intel Solution Modules

SupplyIntel Platform

The SupplyIntel platform consists of the following solution layers:

  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Core Functionality
    • Supplier Network
    • Supplier Information Repository
    • Proactive Mitigation Planning
    • Incident Response & Recovery
  • Cloud, Mobile & Collaboration Service

SupplyIntel DataServices™

SupplyIntel EventWatch™

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