SupplyIntel EventWatch™

Simply the world’s best global supply chain event monitoring service.

Resilinc’s SupplyIntel EventWatch™ is a global supply chain event monitoring and analysis service. It provides targeted email reports with meaningful business impact insights from supply chain disruption events such as natural disasters, factory fires, and labor stoppages. It is integrated with the SupplyIntel platform virtual War Room capabilities for mobilizing a focused and coordinated crises response and recovery strategy.

EventWatch email bulletins are categorized into three types:

  1. EventWatch Notification
    EventWatch Notifications inform subscribers of potential indirect impacts to their supply chains such as M&A activity and business terminations.
  2. EventWatch Alert
    EventWatch Alerts apprise subscribers of potential indirect and direct impact to their supply chain that may require customer action.
  3. EventWatch Impact
    EventWatch Impact bulletins focus on direct impacts to customer supply chains and integrate with the SupplyIntel™ platform capabilities to identify specifically impacted suppliers, sites, products, parts and geographic locations, including the potential revenue impact for a given event. Urgent action is recommended.


Check out the EventWatch 2014 Annual Report


EventWatch™ Key Benefits and Features

Monitor global events

Lower the cost and resources required to monitor potential supply chain disruptions globally

  • 24X7 global event monitoring service to ensure you know about potential supply chain impacts before competitors
  • Consolidated and summarized event notifications and alerts via email including size, scope and potential impact to specific customers, industries, geographic areas, and parts/components
  • Alerts on a comprehensive array of event types (25) such as natural disasters, factory explosions, labor disputes, power outages, chemical spills and geo-political upheaval
  • Monitoring of all information sources including 25,000+ news media & social media sources; 600 company financial sources; 300+ industry sources; 500+ executive & biographical sources; 25 billion public records; government sources; 11 languages; UN, EC & APAC monitoring
  • Intelligent event filtering that removes redundant and irrelevant/non-impactful events
  • Personalized notifications that matches global event information with your specific supply chain environment
  • Site and part-level impact notifications sent, when applicable based on service level
  • Ability to research events further with a compilation of related links included in notifications

Assess potential event impact

Utilize War Room capabilities to gauge impact and prepare your response leveraging SupplyIntel Platform Incident Response & Recovery capabilities.  

  • Ability to view the disruption zone and pinpoint supplier sites, products, parts and customers potentially impacted
  • Single centralized repository to assess potential impact quickly and identify single sourced parts, recovery time, and inventory on-hand
  • Ability to secure inventory quickly and identify alternate sites and sources for impacted parts

Mobilize an appropriate response plan and recovery strategy

Meet production targets and customer expectations without skipping a beat leveraging SupplyIntel Platform Incident Response & Recovery capabilities.  

  • Emergency contact information to quickly verify supplier impact and receive on-going updates
  • Workflows to develop pre-determined mitigation strategies and process rules for an automated, coordinated and optimized response
  • Ability to identify single sourced parts potentially impacted, associated recovery times, and inventory on-hand
  • Ability to quickly secure inventory and identify alternate sites and sources for impacted parts
  • Capability to perform post-event demand-supply matching

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