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Best-in-class Resiliency Solutions

Achieve resiliency and proactively plan for, monitor and protect against multi-tier disruptions.

Resilinc has your supply chain covered


AI powered event monitoring


EventWatch includes:

  • 24×7 Monitoring for 40+ types of events in 53 languages.
  • Impact alerts linked to your supply chain data (suppliers, sites).
  • Event WarRoom for centralized command and control.
* 250 Site Minimum Subscription
* Add more sites any time (bundles of 50 sites)
* DISCOUNTS available for larger bundles.
* Billed Annually at start of Subscription.


Easy, Intuitive supply chain risk management


RiskShield includes:

  • Everything in EventWatch, plus
  • Unlimited Risk Score Types.
  • Revenue Impact Quantification.
  • Suppliers Confirm Impact Directly in the System.
  • Mitigation Workflow Tracking.


* 150 Site Minimum Subscription
* One-time implementation fee of $3500
DISCOUNTS available, Billed Annually


Protect risk across multiple tiers

Gain Competitive Advantage

Multi-Tier Mapping includes:

  • Everything in RiskShield, plus
  • Supplier provided sub-tier visibility.
  • Resilinc’s proven supplier on-boarding.
  • Sub-tier risk analytics and visualization.
  • Risk Dashboards for Suppliers, Sites, Parts, Products, Categories etc.
  • Automated Playbooks and Mitigation Tracking.

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The Resilinc R Score™ rating / metric is the standard for measuring, benchmarking, and tracking companies’ supply chain risk and resiliency. It is a comprehensive assessment of a company’s supply chain resiliency. The metric is based on extensive data collected by Resilinc working with tens of thousands of organizations as part of our global supply chain visibility initiative.

Cyber SCRM®

Let your suppliers tell you what measures they are taking to protect their operations and information systems from cyber-attacks. Access our existing supplier intelligence repository. Work with suppliers about specific gaps in their cybersecurity capabilities that you need addressed to meet your standards!


Plug and play with ISO22301 standard based BCP surveys already completed on Resilinc. Without reading long documents, quickly assess BCPs for completion and robustness. Use dashboards and metrics in your ongoing business reviews internally or with your suppliers (QBRs) to set collaborative improvement targets.

Part-Site Mapping®

Let your suppliers tell you from where they make, store and distribute the raw materials you buy from them. Know whether alternate sites are available. Access our existing supplier intelligence repository. Go lean without losing sleep! Know which parts have redundant manufacturing or alternate sites already qualified by suppliers.

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