Part-Site Mapping

Part-Site Mapping

Powerful Intelligence To Manage Your Risk

Take Control of Your Supply Chain With Intelligence

Effectively manage risk. Focus efforts on high value initiatives. Seamlessly Engage with suppliers

All the benefits of RiskShield, PLUS...

Digitize Cyber Security Capability Information

Map Parts To Origin

Let your suppliers tell you from where they make, store and distribute the raw materials you buy.

Access our network repository where your supplier would have already mapped the data you are looking for.


Quantify Impacts

Easily assess how a supplier site thousands of miles away can disrupt your products' supply chain.

Prioritize your experts time to fix your biggest vulnerabilities.

Develop An Improvement Roadmap

Go Lean

Know which parts have redundant manufacturing or alternate sites already qualified by suppliers.

Incorporate this intelligence into your planning process, and set inventory levels with confidence.

Summary Of Features

  • All the features of EventWatch (24x7 Monitoring and Actionable Research)
  • All the features of RiskShield (Risk Scoring, Impact Confirmation, Playbooks)
  • Access to Resilinc's Supplier Intelligence Repository (52,000 Suppliers and growing)
  • Plug and Play with your suppliers already on Resilinc (over 2 Million parts mapped)
  • Map your Tier 1 suppliers using our Survey Assessment module
  • Identify parts impacted during disruptions within minutes
  • Access to Resilinc's Supplier Training & Onboarding Experts
  • Access to Resilinc's Maturity Model experts to help align people-processes
  • Get benchmarking information on your resiliency practices compared to your industry peers
  • Ability to quantify Revenue Impact at a Supplier, Site, Part, Product level
  • 24x7 Support for you and your suppliers from Resilinc

No Commitment!

Harness the Power of Decision Making With Intelligence

Combine Your Data, Your Suppliers', and Resilinc Research to Quickly Measure and Deliver Results.

“Can you be risk free all the time? NO, risk free doesn’t exist, but you can be much more prepared for the next event. There’s a lot of focus on top 80% spend suppliers, but often, it’s the 20% where you may find weakness. Understanding risk in the low 20% of spend suppliers, is very important.”

Rubik Babakanian

SVP of Global Supply Sourcing, CPO


“If I were to give other executives advice on [building a supply chain resilience program], I would say go and get started. This is something your customers expect. This wasn’t a requirement a decade ago, but now [supply chain mapping, proactive analytics, and event monitoring services] are table stakes. And, quite frankly, if you’re not doing it now, I’m going to get the parts before you will.”

Joe Carson

Global Operations Executive


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