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Map Parts to their Origin

Let your suppliers tell you from where they make, store and distribute the raw materials you buy from them. Know whether alternate sites are available.

Access our existing supplier intelligence repository (Suppliers submit once and approve their customers access to this information on Resilinc)

Map Part to your Products

Identify how a supplier site thousands of miles away can bring down your manufacturing sites, or disrupt your products' supply chain.

Quantify impact of sites to your revenue!

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

Go lean without losing sleep!

Know which parts have redundant manufacturing or alternate sites already qualified by suppliers.

Incorporate this intelligence into your planning process, and set inventory levels with confidence.

Summary of Features

All the features of EventWatch (24x7 Monitoring and Actionable Research via Mobile App)
All the features of RiskShield (Risk Scoring, Impact Confirmation, Mitigation Playbooks)
Access to Resilinc's Supplier Intelligence Repository (52,000 Suppliers and growing)
Plug and Play with your suppliers already on Resilinc (over 2 Million parts mapped)
Identify parts impacted during disruptions within minutes!
Access to Resilinc's Supplier Training & Onboarding Experts
Access to Resilinc's Maturity Model experts to help align people-processes
Get benchmarking information on how you stand on resiliency practices compared to your peers in the industry
Ability to quantify Revenue Impact at a Supplier, Site, Part, Product level
24x7 Support for you and your suppliers from Resilinc

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Manage 100% of Your Suppliers Without Increasing Team Size!

Time Spent Before Resilinc
Time Spent After Resilinc
Hours Per Week

spent assuming a team size of
10 commodity managers

Without Resilinc, information is silo-d in people's laptops and therefore cannot be properly leveraged across the broader organization.


...collecting and managing supplier operations information, including Part Country of Origin, supplier developments/changes such as M&A, spin-offs, change notifications, sub-tiers etc.

Hours Per Week

With Resilinc, information is leveraged by all the right supply chain experts focusing
on high value initiatives such as

  • Optimizing inventory
  • Increasing strategic sourcing opportunities
  • Exploring new cost savings opportunities

Power your Traceability program with accurate Country of Origin Intelligence

All Suppliers


Inbound Supply Chain




“Can you be risk free all the time? NO, risk free doesn’t exist, but you can be much more prepared for the next event. There’s a lot of focus on top 80% spend suppliers, but often, it’s the 20% where you may find weakness. Understanding risk in the low 20% of spend suppliers, is very important.”

Rubik Babakanian
SVP of Global Supply
Sourcing, CPO

“ If I were to give other executives advice on [building a supply chain resilience program], I would say go and get started. This is something your customers expect. This wasn’t a requirement a decade ago, but now [supply chain mapping, proactive analytics, and event monitoring services] are table stakes. And, quite frankly, if you’re not doing it now, I’m going to get the parts before you will.”

Joe Carson
Global Operations Executive

"We made investments in automation and looked at adding efficiencies by harnessing extensive supplier intelligence so that we could make subject matter expert based technology work for us, rather than throwing expensive resources at the problem."

Vonnie French
Vice President
Supply Chain Operations

10 Step Program for Part-Site Origin Mapping with Resilinc

Parts to Sites



What Resilinc Enables

Collect raw material country of origin data (part-site mapping, recovery times, alternate sites, risk assessment surveys) from your suppliers directly utilizing our secure, SOC2 Type 2 certified platform

Why our customers love it!

Provides unprecedented visibility without investment of customer resources to collect and validate data


What Resilinc Enables

Leverage “publish once, share multiple model” and our networks of 40K+ companies, 2M+ parts mapped to 140K+ sites

Why our customers love it!

Plug and play with supply chain already mapped on Resilinc


What Resilinc Enables

Visualize your global supply chain sites on geographic maps

Why our customers love it!

Quickly understand regional hotspots


What Resilinc Enables

Digitize and centralize your raw material country of origin data, and combine with news, alerts and commodity movements

Why our customers love it!

Stop wasting your experts' time manipulating data, and get them making decisions using insights!


What Resilinc Enables

Customize risk profiles at the part, site, supplier and product level using an unlimited number of risk indices (financial, reputational, disaster, geopolitical), and customize weighting and tolerances

Why our customers love it!

Address the most relevant and costly risks as relevant to your country and industry


What Resilinc Enables

Map raw material origin to your end products to quickly identify sites that could affect your supply chain performance

Why our customers love it!

Ability to quantify in order of revenue impact, sites that have highest impact to business if a major disruption occurs there


What Resilinc Enables

Get dashboards for a Category of parts, groups of Products, Business Unit, Suppliers or Country

Why our customers love it!

Design your supply chain and make decisions quickly without wasting time manipulating or cleaning up data


What Resilinc Enables

Prioritize high risks parts for mitigation activities by combining risk scores with revenue impacts

Why our customers love it!

Prioritize your experts time and your budget to fix your biggest vulnerabilities


What Resilinc Enables

Link risk areas to pre-defined and user-customized mitigation playbooks

Why our customers love it!

Standardize mitigation projects and workflows to reduce supply chain risk


What Resilinc Enables

Track mitigation projects and workflows and see risk reduce in real time as projects completed

Why our customers love it!

Drive accountability and metrics to address supply chain risk and see your program’s success before your eyes!

Quantify Failure Points

Protect Proactively

Resilinc on SCRM Strategy

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