University of Maryland Selects Supply Chain Risk Partner

Robert H. Smith School of Business Leverages Resilinc’s Supply Chain Software SupplyIntel Technology and Supply Chain Resilience Expertise to Educate Future Leaders in Global Supply Chain Risk Management Best Practices

Santa Clara, CA and College Park, MD USA – November 14, 2013 – Resilinc Corp., the leading provider of end-to-end supply chain resiliency solutions, and the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, an internationally recognized leader in management education and research, today announced that Resilinc SupplyIntel has been selected to be integrated into the supply chain course curriculum for the purpose of educating future business leaders on supply chain risk management best practices. In addition, Sumit Vakil, Resilinc’s chief technology officer, has been appointed a Senior Research Fellow to the Supply Chain Management Center. The use of Resilinc SupplyIntel in the curriculum is designed to ensure that students gain a holistic understanding of the supply chain risk and resiliency practices and techniques used by leading companies today. Offered as part of the MS in Business & Management: Supply Chain Management program, the use of Resilinc’s supply chain software will provide students with hands-on, team-based exposure to the leading cloud-based supply chain risk management software package and enable them to experience the challenge of managing supply chain risks in support of key corporate objectives. Resilinc CTO Sumit Vakil’s five-year appointment to Senior Research Fellow recognizes his significant expertise and stature in the field of supply chain risk management and resiliency. In his new role, Vakil will offer advice on an ongoing basis to the Center’s Executive Committee as well as serve as a guest lecturer for Smith's graduate-level supply chain management courses. “The ability to systematically approach and better manage global supply chain risk has led to the concept of The Resilient Enterprise – an increasingly important strategic and operational concept in a post-911/post-financial crisis world,” said Dr. Sandor Boyson, co-director of the Supply Chain Management Center, Robert H. Smith School of Business. "After evaluating the various supply chain risk solution providers in the market today, our Center and academic department chose Resilinc for its leadership in developing resiliency solutions that enable supply chain professionals in a growing number of major global enterprises to gain visibility across multiple tiers of their complex, global supply chains." Boyson is co-author of “X-SCM: The New Science of X-Treme Supply Chain Management,” with Smith School colleagues Thomas Corsi and Lisa Harrington. The book is sponsored by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. Boyson and his faculty colleagues also have drawn a No. 2 ranking worldwide in research in the discipline of supply chain management and logistics, according to the International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management. The Office of Smith IT is co-sponsoring the initiative. "From an IT perspective, we believe the partnership between Resilinc and the Smith School will be of tremendous value to our students and help prepare them to tackle real-world supply chain challenges using the most advanced software available," said Holly Mann, director of information technology at Smith. “Resilinc is excited to be partnered with the Smith School’s Supply Chain Management Center to educate future supply chain business leaders in supply chain risk management best practices. Our expertise and industry-leading supply chain resiliency techniques and technologies perfectly complement the Smith School’s comprehensive Resilient Enterprise curriculum – helping to provide a truly unique educational experience,” said Sumit Vakil, chief technology officer of Resilinc.

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