Ultimate Guide to Supply Chain Resiliency Program Success Unveiled

Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council and Resilinc Collaborate on Seminal Supply Chain Risk Management Best-Practices Handbook

Milpitas, CA – April 1, 2015. The Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council, in collaboration with its principal sponsor Resilinc, announced today the publication of the Ultimate Guide to Supply Chain Resiliency Program Success. The goal of this 70-page reference is to provide supply chain risk management practitioners with concrete suggestions and guidance on how to create, roll-out, and institutionalize a global supply chain resiliency program. The premise of this work is that there is an unserved need for information on how to build and manage a program that adequately address the crucial initial phase of making the business case, establishing strategic alignment, securing executive sponsorship, and integrate that information into a broader program deployment and operational plan. The result of this effort is a single comprehensive and easy to navigate tool for building a world-class supply chain resiliency program. “This is the ultimate reference for supply chain resiliency practitioners and stakeholders,” said William Hurles, executive director of supply chain at General Motors. “It incorporates learnings and experiences from companies of all sizes and across many domains. Further, it is a comprehensive tool and catalog of best practices that can be immediately put to work in your journey to achieve risk management performance excellence.” “This guide also attempts to untangle the confusing array of processes and labels for those processes such as risk assessment, risk analysis, risk evaluation,” said Wayne Caccamo, Resilinc chief marketing officer. “The tool refreshes and organizes program implementation and maturation best practices into a single comprehensive and easy-to-navigate reference and starting point for building a world-class supply chain resiliency program.”

About the Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council

The Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council is a professional community and network for supply chain risk management practitioners, leaders, and stakeholders formed in 2015. Resilinc is the technical advisor and principal sponsor and plans to incorporate the Council as a Not-for-Profit with a dedicated staff. The principal goals of the Council are to (1) bring together SCRM and resiliency practitioners with luminaries and thought leaders to advance the professional discipline through opportunities to collaborate, share best practices, and be recognized for innovation and leadership and (2) elevate the profile of supply chain risk management and resiliency challenges and opportunities vis-a-vis the C-level strategic agenda. The Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council has over 700 general members and has an open membership policy. Interested individuals within the business community and academia that wish to become a member of the community can do so by joining the LinkedIn discussion group by the same name.

About Resilinc

Resilinc is the leading cloud provider of supply chain resilience and risk management intelligence and analytics. Industry leaders like Amgen, GM and EMC rely on Resilinc to mitigate risks end-to-end, while achieving long-term competitive advantage, and building brand and shareholder value. Resilinc’s flagship SupplyIntel™ solution platform and services deliver the fastest time-to-value and the lowest resource Impact. It accomplishes this by providing the world’s largest repository of supplier and part intelligence leveraging the power of our “LinkedIn” supplier community; the most robust set of dashboard visualization and patent-pending analytic functionality for pro-active planning and risk quantification; and the only solution that personalizes your impact analysis by automatically connecting incidents with your supply chain map so you don’t have to.

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