Resilinc Names 2016 Top 25 R Score Companies in the High-Tech Electronics Industry Supply Chain

The Top 25 were identified based on an extensive analysis of over 3000 suppliers in the High-Tech Industry Supply Chain

Milpitas, Calif. (PRWEB) March 09, 2017 Resilinc (, the world’s leading provider of deep supply chain visibility and resiliency intelligence and advanced analytics, today announced the top 25 most resilient suppliers in the High-Tech Electronics Industry Supply Chain. The companies were identified after an extensive analysis of deep supply chain intelligence gathered over a six-year period, and after a year spent refining the methodology to define, quantify, benchmark and assess the resiliency of a company’s supply chain. “The suppliers named in the Top 25 R Score Companies represent the best-in-breed within their commodity groups. They scored well because of the high degree of transparency they demonstrate in their customer relationships, have a global supply chain footprint that has redundancy built in, have invested in business continuity capabilities that are superior to their industry peers, are rated strong on key performance metrics by their customers and have developed supply chain resiliency programs of various levels of maturity within their organizations,” said Joseph Chacko, the head of the R Score Initiative at Resilinc. The suppliers in the High-Tech Industry Top 25 R Score list span the following category/commodity groups (refer to image). Below is the list of companies that made the 2016 Top 25 R Score List. Please note that the list is arranged in alphabetical order (not in order of score or ranking):
  1. Ajinomoto
  2. Arista Networks
  3. Bel
  4. Bosch
  5. Daichi Seiko
  6. Hamamatsu
  7. IBM
  8. Knowles
  9. Kyocera
  10. Landsberg
  11. Marvell Semiconductor
  12. Micron
  13. Mueller Industries
  14. Multek
  15. Nidec
  16. NVidia
  17. Sanmina – SCI
  18. Shinko Electric
  19. Smurfit Kappa
  20. Stephen Gould
  21. TTM Technologies
  22. Wah Lee Industrial Corp
  23. Western Digital
  24. Yageo
  25. Yamaichi Electronics
About the R Score The Resilinc R Score is the result of six years’ worth of supply chain mapping work which began at Resilinc in 2010. “The human genome mapping project took years to undertake, but yielded rich diagnostics and causal intelligence for critical genetic diseases. This led to development of targeted treatment for life threatening genetic diseases,” said Bindiya Vakil, founder and CEO of Resilinc. “Since 2010, Resilinc has been mapping the supply chain genome. We have gathered deep supply chain intelligence about over 40,000 companies spanning factory locations, alternate sites, recovery times, business continuity capabilities, response speed to disruptions, and the flow of parts across global locations. The R Score Initiative has been a year in the making and required us to synthesize and analyze the data, develop and fine tune the methodology for computing the R Score and then to automate it so we could evaluate metrics across 3000 suppliers across an entire industry.” On March 1, 2017 Resilinc unveiled this work at RESILIENCY 2017, the world’s premier conference for supply chain resiliency management, to an audience of the world’s renowned industry leaders, experts, practitioners, educators and thought leaders in the field. The detailed whitepaper explaining the background, methodology and industry analytics spanning the 3000 companies can be found at this link. The R Score is refreshed on a quarterly basis and new reports can be ordered from Resilinc. ( Suppliers in the High-Tech Electronics Industry who are active Resilinc supply chain mapping platform members can receive their R Score and benchmark information for free by contacting Resilinc at To learn more about the Resilinc R Score™, please click here. To download the R ScoreTM Whitepaper, please click here. Disclaimer: Resilinc, R Score™ and Resilinc R Score™ are trademarks of Resilinc Corporation. The methodology is patent pending and calculations are property of Resilinc. All rights reserved.

About Resilinc Resilinc helps CEOs and Chief Supply Chain Officers consistently achieve their revenue goals despite supply chain disruptions worldwide. Resilinc’s platform provides companies access to advanced multi-tier mapping and part origin intelligence, collected from over 35,000 suppliers across more than 65,000 factories globally. Industry leading companies like IBM, General Motors, EMC, Amgen and Western Digital rely on Resilinc’s supplier intelligence repository, combined with analytics regarding vulnerabilities, risk scores and revenue impact to predict the critical failure points in their supply chain. This helps them to prioritize and proactively mitigate supply chain risks before they manifest into major problems. What’s unique about Resilinc is the deep supply chain expertise of the team, the ability for customers to accelerate meeting their resiliency goals without hiring large teams or investing in IT projects by leveraging the full suite of supplier and customer facing services, gain high quality data from an ISO certified data operation and also gain tremendous benchmarking and help throughout their maturity journey. Resilinc is the solution of choice for Chief Procurement Officers who want to be in control of their supply chain and sleep better at night knowing they will be able to consistently meet their revenue goals without needing to hold extra inventory or pay expedited raw material or freight costs.

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