Resilinc Launches SupplyIntel 5.0 to Provide Next-Generation Supply Chain Resilience Capabilities

New features enable corporations to address major challenges of multi-tier supply chain visibility, supply chain risk mitigation and supplier engagement

Santa Clara, CA – Jan. 28, 2014 – Resilinc Corp., the leading provider of end-to-end supply chain resiliency solutions, today announced the immediate availability of SupplyIntel 5.0 to address the challenges of multi-tier supply chain visibility, supply chain risk mitigation and optimized supplier engagement. SupplyIntel 5.0 comprises three major feature areas: Resilinc Omniview™ for next-generation multi-tier visibility, Resilinc FlexRisk™ for next-generation supply chain risk scoring, and enhanced Resilinc Supplier Onboarding to facilitate and expedite the supplier engagement process. The SupplyIntel 5.0 release is specifically designed to address industry-wide issues in major global industries, including high-tech and electronics, automotive and the life sciences. In high-tech and electronics, for example, local regulatory pressures, supply chain risk and the rapidly increasing costs of outsourcing in traditionally low-cost geographies are compelling electronics OEMs to restructure their global supply chains in order to respond more quickly and flexibly to new threats and challenges. In the automotive industry, manufacturers and their suppliers increasingly are challenged to build more flexibility into their global supply chains to get closer to the strategic markets they serve, better respond to local demand and more effectively optimize their global manufacturing capacity to meet the needs of the most rapidly growing markets. Similarly, in the life sciences, pharmaceutical companies’ supply chain organizations must ensure reliable supply that is regulatory compliant while they control costs and maximize revenues to fund R&D to capitalize on growth opportunities. Resilinc SupplyIntel 5.0 provides these and other industries with the multi-tier, site-level supply chain visibility and supply chain analytics they need to address these challenges and more rapidly adapt to the dynamics of today’s complex global marketplace. Resilinc SupplyIntel 5.0 delivers a complete and scalable solution for the entire spectrum of supply chain risk management challenges. SupplyIntel 5.0’s comprehensive capabilities include multi-tier mapping, event monitoring, and risk quantification and mitigation tools, together with a broad range of survey modules for business continuity mapping, conflict minerals, corporate social responsibility and supply chain security – all on a single integrated platform. “Supply chain executives are increasingly challenged to manage and proactively mitigate risk to the business resulting from complex global multi-tier supply chains,” said Bindiya Vakil, CEO of Resilinc. “However, the task can be extremely time- and resource-intensive for companies looking to solve the problem in a one-off fashion for their own enterprise and might require an investment of millions of dollars in tools and multiple expensive resources employed full time. With the new enhancements enabled by SupplyIntel 5.0 we are pushing the envelope further for supply chain software and redefining best in class in supply chain risk management. The resulting cost savings and greater return on investment are critical to our customers’ success in today’s competitive global economy.”

Resilinc Omniview for Global Multi-tier Visibility

Resilinc Omniview enables supply chain management to visualize complex business relationships across the multiple tiers of their supply chains. Resilinc Omniview helps protect against supply capacity issues or unexpected material premiums. This SupplyIntel 5.0 feature also empowers advanced sourcing practices and enhanced new product designs which enable companies to explore new and innovative cost saving opportunities, and identify and address supply chain risk mitigation needs, within their extended supply chains. Key next-generation Resilinc Omniview capabilities include enhanced multi-tier graphical visualization and supply chain analytics, the ability to pin-point sub-tier risk aggregation and recognize bottlenecks, and expanded multi-tier bill-of-material (BOM) collection and visibility.

Resilinc FlexRisk for Risk Quantification

Resilinc FlexRisk allows clients to extend Resilinc’s patent-pending Risk Scoring Model. Single aggregated scoring enables a comprehensive view of supply chain risk at the product and part-level across the enterprise. Companies can now connect supplier financial risk, site location risk, operation recovery risk and critical operational risk score elements related to suppliers in a single centralized place. Operational KPIs such as cost, quality, delivery reliability, lead time performance etc. are often computed and maintained in spreadsheets and available to a select few people throughout the organization. Tracking through Resilinc FlexRisk enables supplier risk metrics to be applied to each site and part and leveraged by a broader community of users throughout the organization. A unified flexible approach to supply chain risk quantification and visibility enables the organization to coalesce around a single metric and drives effective decision making and collaborative and proactive mitigation across the enterprise. Key new Resilinc FlexRisk capabilities include client-configured risk scoring – and risk score weighting -- integrated into Resilinc’s patent pending supply chain risk score methodology. Resilinc FlexRisk also provides the ability to import calculated scores from other third-party applications and sources. Operational risk, quality risk, regulatory or compliance risk and innovation risk are among the business-critical metrics now covered by the Resilinc FlexRisk feature.

Resilinc Supplier Onboarding for Cost-Effective Supplier Engagement

Resilinc SupplyIntel 5.0’s new supplier onboarding capabilities maximize the return on investment for Resilinc clients by improving the speed, accuracy, quality and auditability of the supplier engagement process. It is widely acknowledged by industry experts that collecting supplier data effectively and in an automated fashion can be time and resource intensive for organizations. Resilinc is the leading solution provider to solve this problem in a scalable and cost-effective fashion. Resilinc’s unique architecture enables suppliers to avoid duplicate data entry by sharing their information with the customers they approve on the Resilinc platform. This effectively builds quality controls into the data entry process and facilitates compliance without creating an undue resource burden on suppliers. Resilinc takes ownership of the supplier onboarding process by providing supplier training as well as timely client reports and onboarding escalation to reduce the risk of non-compliance. Resilinc’s supplier engagement and onboarding model has been proven to minimize our customers’ effort and the resources required to meet comprehensive risk and compliance requirements. Resilinc’s approach delivers the supplier network efficiencies required to cost-effectively meet these requirements. Additionally, compliance and auditability are ensured because, with SupplyIntel 5.0, Resilinc’s clients can access the latest status reports detailing progress on supplier onboarding efforts week over week. For critical regulatory compliance needs such as for conflict minerals compliance, customers can pull up details and a complete history of each supplier interaction with the Resilinc supplier relations team -- a capability that is critical for supporting future audits.

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