Hurricane Season Preparedness

Supplier Hurricane Preparedness

Predict and Plan Ahead to Weatherproof Your Supply Chain

A Hurricane Impact Goes Far Beyond What is Visible to Those Impacted.

Digitize Business Continuity Plans


Leverage historical hurricane intelligence for targeted supplier outreach.

Easily launch the Hurricane Preparedness Assessment

Assess BCP Robustness


Assess sites that have vulnerabilities which could impact your continuity.

Prioritize sites that needs improvement based on heat maps, metrics and parameters you set.

Improve BCP Effectiveness


Set collaborative improvement targets by creating mitigation projects.

Combine recovery times and alternate site availability with assessment responses

Summary of Features

  • Access to Hurricane Preparedness Assessment that is vetted by industry experts
  • Leverage historical hurricane intelligence to identify heat maps for targeted supplier outreach
  • Customize question weights and thresholds  based on your business relevance
  • Let Resilinc manage your partner onboarding and response collection efforts
  • Reduce assessment fatigue by leveraging  the ‘publish-once-share-multiple’ model
  • Powerful scorecard visualization to quickly identify gaps
  • Create, assign and track mitigation projects
  • Combine the results of all your assessments to prioritize most critical areas of improvement
  • Allows sharing of supporting documents as evidence

No Commitment!

"It used to take 6 weeks to understand
which sites were affected [by a
supply chain disruption] . Now with
EventWatch, it takes 6 hours!"

"Before we had experience with
the tsunami and other events, it could
take several weeks to truly understand
[what the impact was], now we can
know in minutes."


"For the unmapped suppliers it took
us 2 weeks to ascertain we were not
impacted. For the suppliers we had
mapped, we drew a circle on the map,
out popped the results in minutes.
We went badc to normal right away!"


Take our Hurricane Assessment for a Trial Run

No Commitment

Check out webinar on Hurricane Preparedness

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