Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility

Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility

Let Resilinc handle the hassle of supplier CSR data collection at the company and site level.

Resilinc Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility is a survey module that extends the reach of your CSR program into your multi-tier supply chain to proactively protect your brand. The module is a configuration of the Resilinc solution module suite that leverages the Resilinc platform and complementary Resilinc DataServices capabilities described below.

Dashboard Analytics

Visualize your supply chain network to better internalize CSR vulnerabilities and mitigation opportunities at the supplier and site level.

  • Standard CSR reports and dashboards to highlight high-risk partners
  • Easy integration with third-party dashboard and visualization tools

Supplier Network and CSR Information Repository

Maintain an accurate map of your multi-enterprise, multi-tier supply chain grid and centralize supplier CSR intelligence in a single repository to facilitate risk mitigation planning, incident response, and supplier collaboration.

  • Supports Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Corporate Social Responsibility Survey formats
  • Comprehensive survey coverage: environmental health and safety (EH&S), environmental sustainability practices, ethics, fair labor standards and workers’ rights, leveraging the Resilinc DataServices survey response process
  • Single centralized repository to track additional supply chain initiatives such as risk management, conflict minerals compliance (CFSI), business continuity planning, and capacity management
  • Supplier portal to facilitate quick and easy direct survey uploading from the supplier
  • “Submit once, share with multiple customers (upon approval)” survey data collection model to facilitate supplier participation and information sharing
  • Site/location and activity level data gathering and tracking to enable more granular supplier CSR assessments of policies and procedures
  • Ability for suppliers to upload supporting documentation, including awards, certifications and evidence

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Proactively identify and mitigate CSR vulnerabilities leveraging your single centralized repository of CSR intelligence.

  • Analytics to score a supplier’s company-level compliance with EICC CSR standards and prioritize suppliers to mitigate.
  • Identification of suppliers with high CSR risk being designed into new products (“design for resiliency”)
  • Quarterly business review meetings including supply chain insights and recommendations

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