Supplier Capacity Management

Supplier Capacity Management

Gain visibility to supplier capacity planning management processes and constraints

Resilinc Supplier Capacity Management provides a proactive capacity management system to ensure you have the necessary supplier capacity at a part-level to meet fluctuating demand
forecasts. Analytics focus you on high-risk suppliers and parts based on risk thresholds you define, while alerts, mitigation workflows, and complementary event monitoring services facilitate
on-going capacity management excellence. This module is a configuration of the Resilinc solution that leverages the Resilinc platform and complementary Resilinc DataServices and Resilinc EventWatch capabilities described below.

Dashboard Analytics

Visualize your supply chain capacity to better internalize vulnerabilities and mitigation opportunities.

  • Standard capacity risk assessment reports and dashboards to highlight high-risk partners and parts
  • Easy integration with third-party dashboard and visualization tools

Supplier Network and CSR Information Repository

Maintain an accurate map of your supply chain and centralize your supplier capacity intelligence in a single repository to facilitate risk mitigation planning, incident response, and supplier collaboration.

  • Complete and accurate supply chain network mapping and maintenance
  • Comprehensive supplier part-level capacity data based on Resilinc DataServices survey response process
  • Comprehensive supplier capacity management processes information based on Resilinc DataServices survey response process
  • Single centralized repository to track additional supply chain initiatives such as risk management, conflict minerals compliance (CFSI), business continuity planning, and CSR/responsible sourcing (EICC, SB-657)

Incident Response & Recovery

Respond efficiently and effectively to a supply chain incident with our virtual Event War Room.

  • Integration of supplier capacity data into a disruption event response plan
  • Ability to view a disruption zone and pinpoint supplier sites, products, parts and customers potentially impacted
  • Identification of single sourced parts potentially impacted, associated recovery times, and inventory on-hand
  • Ability to determine quickly the optimal plan to secure inventory (e.g. identify alternate sources, purchase on open market, etc.)

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Run business continuity risk analytics to proactively identify and mitigate vulnerabilities.

  • Supplier risk scores based on company, processes and product level assessments to identify current capacity issues
  • Capacity risk assessment by supplier and part based on demand forecast inputs
  • Early alerts for supply-demand mismatches at part level (based on demand forecasts and supplier capacity data)
  • Revenue impact calculation in supply chain capacity risk assessment and analysis
  • Email/task alerts triggered by suppliers that exceed customer-defined capacity risk thresholds
  • Mitigation resources and budget prioritization based on assessment of high-risk, high-revenue parts/partners
  • Quarterly business review meetings including supply chain insights and recommendations

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