Conflict Minerals Compliance

Conflict Minerals Compliance

Hassle-free data collection services with minimal resource impact

Resilinc Conflict Minerals Compliance provides a cost-effective and repeatable governance process for conflict minerals data collection, verification, and reporting. The product module leverages Resilinc’s existing network of “on-boarded” suppliers and information repository to facilitate supplier collaboration and data sharing, improve track-and-trace capabilities down to the part and smelter level, and apply analytics to manage risk exposures and mitigation opportunities.

Visualize your supply chain to identify compliance vulnerabilities and mitigation opportunities.

  • Impact assessment analytics, dashboards, and scorecards
  • Generate CFSI standard conflict minerals reporting templates at product, product group, and company levels
  • Rolled up analytics/scorecards at company and product hierarchy (product, product line/family, business unit, company) levels
  • Access to downloadable smelter reports
  • Easy integration with third-party dashboard and visualization tools

Centralize your supplier intelligence in a single repository to facilitate risk mitigation planning, incident response, and supplier collaboration.

  • Turnkey supplier surveying service for conflict minerals data acquisition
  • Web-based or Excel-based survey response tools
  • Company-level supplier survey loading
  • “Submit once, share with many upon approval” supplier data model
  • Secure customer access and supplier self-service survey web access
  • Online secure storage of data
  • Part-level supplier survey loading
  • Multiple user access
  • Standardization of smelter names to guarantee data hygiene
  • Automatic regular refresh of CFSI standard smelter names
  • Supplier response completion progress reports and status updates
  • Audit trails for all supplier survey communication
  • Matching against Certified Conflict Free Smelter Initiative (CFSI) website
  • Reasonableness test of survey data during supplier data collection and upon CMRT generation for customers to ensure data validity
  • Single centralized repository to track additional supply chain initiatives such as risk management, business continuity planning, capacity management, CSR/responsible sourcing (EICC, SB-657), and security (C-TPAT)

Run risk analytics proactively identify and mitigate compliance vulnerabilities.

  • Wizard for developing mitigation ownership and action plan
  • Ability to assign commodity manager by part and enable them to open compliance mitigations and track status and approvals
  • Mitigation resources and budget prioritization based on assessment of partners with compliance risk
  • Compliance risk mitigation progress, metrics, and target tracking and reporting
  • Identification of parts/suppliers with high compliance risk being designed into new products (“design for resiliency”)
  • Quarterly business review meetings including supply chain compliance insights and recommendations

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