Supply Chain Event Monitoring

Supply Chain Event Monitoring

Simply the world’s best global supply chain event monitoring service.

Resilinc EventWatch® is a global supply chain event monitoring and analysis service. It provides email reports and cloud analytics personalized to your company with meaningful business impact insights from disruption events such as natural disasters, factory fires, and labor stoppages. Virtual war room functionality supports rapid mobilization of focused and coordinated crises response and recovery strategies and playbooks.

scn-eventwatchEventWatch is the only supply chain event monitoring and analysis product that provides proactive analytics and mitigation tools. Scenario planning and visualization capabilities enable users to circumscribe a geographic region and see the potential impact to their unique supply chain.

EventWatch can be purchased as a standalone product or can be purchased as part of the more advanced Resilinc Risk Management solution and cloud platform.

EventWatch email bulletins are categorized into three types:

  1. EventWatch Notifications provide preliminary unverified information on potential supply chain impacts that Resilinc is monitoring and in the process of investigating.
  2. EventWatch Alerts apprise subscribers of potential indirect and direct impact from events that may require customer action.
  3. EventWatch Impacts identify specifically impacted suppliers, sites, products, parts and geographic locations, including the potential revenue impact for a given event. Urgent action is recommended.
EventWatch® Key Benefits and Features

Lower the cost and resources required to monitor potential supply chain disruptions globally.

  • Consolidated and summarized event bulletins via email including disruption potential rating, and potential impact to specific companies/suppliers, industries, geographic areas, and parts/components
  • Alerts on a comprehensive array of event types (~30) such as natural disasters, factory explosions, labor disputes, power outages, chemical spills and geo-political upheaval
  • Monitoring of all information sources including 25,000+ news media & social media sources; 600 company financial sources; 300+ industry sources; 500+ executive & biographical sources; 25 billion public records; government sources; UN, EC & APAC monitoring
  • Monitoring of events reported in all major languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Malay, Spanish, Korean, French, Portuguese, German, and Italian
  • Intelligent event filtering that removes redundant and irrelevant/non-impactful events
  • Ability to research events further with a compilation of related links included in bulletins

Utilize War Room capabilities to gauge impact and prepare your response leveraging.

  • Ability to view the disruption zone and pinpoint suppliers, sites, parts, and revenue potentially impacted.
  • Emergency contact information to quickly verify supplier impact and receive on-going updates (Resilinc automatically emails supplier emergency contacts to confirm/gauge impact as part of the Resilinc Risk Management solution.)
  • Workflows to develop pre-determined mitigation strategies and process rules for an automated, coordinated and optimized response
  • Capability to perform post-event demand-supply matching
  • Advanced tools for risk scoring, mitigation task assignment, and incident management (Resilinc Risk Management Solution only)
EventWatch® Product Comparison GuideResilinc EventWatch® OnlyResilinc Risk Management Solution
Supply Chain Event Monitoring
Consolidated and summarized event bulletins via team or system-generated email (average one/day)
Bulletins on a comprehensive array of event types (~30)
Monitoring of all major news and social media information sources
Monitoring of events reported in all major languages
Intelligent event filtering to remove redundant, non-impactful events
Links for additional research/information
Support for Notification, Alert, and Impact event bulletin types
Support for Impact event bulletin types that include products, parts and revenue potentially impacted
Supplier On-boarding
Self-service supplier loading
Resilinc turnkey supplier information collection and loading service
Access to EventWatch® supplier research available from publicly available sources
Access to proprietary Resilinc Supplier Information Repository pending supplier approval
Supply Chain Event Impact Analysis and Response
War Room for viewing disruption zone suppliers and sites potentially impacted
War Room for analyzing  products, parts, and revenue potentially impacted
Map displaying active and closed events/sites
Dashboards displaying events by status with % sites impacted, and bulletins by month and type
Resilinc generated emails to emergency contacts in impacted region to confirm/assess impact
Workflows/rules to develop and automate pre-determined mitigation strategy execution
Advanced tools for risk scoring
Advanced tools for risk mitigation task assignment and management

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