An attack in Cyber Space can shut down your supply chain in the Physical Dimension!!

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Digitize Cyber Security Capability Information

Let your suppliers tell you what measures they are taking to protect their operations and information systems from cyber attacks.

Access our existing supplier intelligence repository (Suppliers submit once and approve their customers access to this information on Resilinc)

Evaluate against your standards

You decide which capabilities are most critical by setting the weights according to your criteria. See how the supplier performs against your criteria.

Develop an improvement roadmap

Work with suppliers about specific gaps in their cybersecurity capabilities that you need addressed to meet your standards!

Continously monitor all suppliers for any cyber attacks and be notified in case a situation develops that could affect your business.

Summary of Features

All the features of EventWatch (24x7 Monitoring and Actionable Research via Mobile App)
All the features of RiskShield (Risk Scoring, Impact Confirmation, Mitigation Playbooks)
Access to Resilinc's Supplier Intelligence Repository (52,000 Suppliers and growing)
Plug and Play with your suppliers already on Resilinc (over 2 Million parts mapped)
Identify parts impacted during disruptions within minutes!
Access to Resilinc's Supplier Training & Onboarding Experts
Access to Resilinc's Maturity Model experts to help align people-processes
Get benchmarking information on how you stand on resiliency practices compared to your peers in the industry
Ability to quantify Revenue Impact at a Supplier, Site, Part, Product level
24x7 Support for you and your suppliers from Resilinc

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You can input capabilities once, and approve stakeholders' access - Save Time!

Leverage Survey

Accelerate time
to improve

Focus on
Weaker Suppliers

Highlight your
Risk Criteria

Save Time and

Gain Global

Complete Cyber Assessments in FIVE EASY STEPS


What Resilinc Enables

Its just $99/month for up to 50 Surveys. The assessment is already built and ready to launch to your suppliers or sites.

Why our customers love it!

Don't waste time writing the perfect survey! Leverage Resilinc's expertise, and launch and get started today! If a supplier has already completed an assessment, they can simply share it without having to replicate data entry in a new system.


What Resilinc Enables

Start small, grow over time! You can increase scope and number of suppliers any time!

Why our customers love it!

Sometimes programs don't get done because all the information is not available on day 1! Choose the first 50, and launch survey and start your program!


What Resilinc Enables

If any of our questions are not important to you, set a lower weight so your assessment and scorecard reflects what you care about most.

Why our customers love it!

Your assessment is tailored to capabilities you are most about. Customize and scorecard based on your needs, so you can find areas that need your attention.


What Resilinc Enables

Your suppliers can approve your access to their existing information without replicating data entry.

Why our customers love it!

Suppliers have one place to keep their latest information updated. Refresh is easy, suppliers control which customers see their information, and customers save time and effort in data collection!


What Resilinc Enables

Rather than wasting time on data collection, your experts can be focused on collaborating with suppliers or sites on improving their capabilities.

Why our customers love it!

Collecting the data is not what provides the security and peace of mind, closing gaps does. We help you get there faster!

Resilinc experts can help.

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Why Resilinc?

Best in Class,

Deep Intelligence
and Robust Analytics

Plug and

High Return on

Minimal IT


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