Download the full 2019 SCRM Process Advisory Whitepaper here

Global supply chains continue to be exposed and vulnerable to a wide variety of risks. However, in light of the unsteadiness apparent in risks, they bring about opportunities. These opportunities are of best in class leaders knowing how to transform risk into a source of competitive advantage. Yes, proactivity and optimism drive real results when Resilinc has helped world-leading companies develop industry-recognized best in class and award-winning supply chain resiliency engines, powered by technology, data, and world class processes.

Resilinc’s formula combines a unique blend of three things: 1) data and visibility, 2) delivered with software on cloud and mobile, and 3) operationalized with transformation and adaptation of people-process-incentives that drive action within an organization.

Resilinc’s end to end processes should follow a continuum of capabilities for a) reactive supply chain risk management and b) proactive supply chain risk management.

Resilinc has developed standard operating procedures to assist with developing a best in class supply chain program at each stage of the maturity journey.

For a supply chain expert who is contemplating the start of this journey, initially this can seem a daunting task. This is where Resilinc’s three step process can help with developing the initial plan, putting together the roadmap for implementation, and finally, creating the formula for Institutionalizing the people-process-incentive framework and achieving the vision.

I hope you read our full advisory whitepaper, and follow our steps to be on your way to, “Best in Class Supply Chain Resiliency and Risk Management.”