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Resilinc was founded by supply chain and technology mavericks who had a vision to make supply chain intelligence and advanced analytics a source for competitive advantage.  They believed that tremendous arbitrage opportunities could be opened for companies, if deep supply chain intelligence was combined with unstructured, real time global event and news data.  Thus, Resilinc was introduced in 2010 as a unique big data platform and multi-enterprise network enabling resource efficient exchange of real time information between customers and their suppliers, aka the "LinkedIn" for supply chain.

Today Resilinc has mapped the supply chain genome for many industries and is the world’s most extensive repository of deep supply chain intelligence – an information highway that forms the backbone for resilient supply chains worldwide.

Our cloud, mobility and AI platforms have powered up resilient supply chain programs for our global customers, who are now widely recognized as global leaders.  Our customers have realized strong ROI from their adoption of Resilinc’s methodology and solutions.



Resilinc delivers powerful and fast results by leveraging an extensive big data platform and advanced analytics such as machine intelligence and cognitive computing to transform risks into opportunities to grow, steal market share and beat competition.

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Accelerate results! Get the Resilinc advantage

Resilinc has already mapped the supply chain genome by becoming the world’s largest source of deep multi-tier supply chain intelligence with tens of thousands of suppliers already mapped.

Our customers tap into this existing network and content to accelerate their supply chain resiliency journey.  What might have taken years to develop, Resilinc can do in days!!

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Harness advanced analytics with deep supply chain intelligence 

We hear from our customers how much they depend on insights from Resilinc's solution, whether it is our 24x7 global event impact predictor, or the eye opening results of our sub-tier dependency analyzer.

Our solution analyzes reams and reams of supply chain data about global geographic hotspots as well as sub-tier network connections and predicts failure points that can result in performance shortfalls.

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Suppliers realize network effects too!

  • Suppliers benefit from our "LinkedIn” platform architecture... they avoid repetitive data entry to support multiple customers.
  • Resilinc notifies suppliers for free, any time an event occurs in the vicinity of their factory.
  • Without fielding multiple calls, they can respond once and tell their approved customers know whether they are impacted.
  • The more suppliers and customers in the network, the greater the time saving for each, and the higher the value proposition!!!

Resilinc now also offers the Resilinc R Score, so suppliers can take charge of their own resiliency.



A hundred thousand dollars to protect a hundred million? It's a must have!

The likelihood that your supply chain will have a major disruption every two years is 100% - inaction is the unacceptable option!

Resilinc has consistently proven the tangible ROI in the form of greater revenue assurance, successful new product launches, faster turns, marked reduction in unplanned freight and material premiums, and reduced instances of factory downtime!

Our customers report higher customer satisfaction, improved margins and better resource efficiencies as a result of informed, targeted and prioritized action!
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A shared passion for resiliency

Our customers partnered with us in 2015 to start the Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council, an industry organization that is now the world’s premier source of supply chain resiliency best practices, as well as a platform for industry awards and recognition for excellence and innovation in this field.

We welcome you to join the Council via our LinkedIn group, participate in our discussions, and attend our annual conference and awards event in Silicon Valley. Learn more

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