Plan, Monitor, Protect


The multi-tier supply chain mapping and visibility Resilinc provides gives us valuable insights into potential vulnerabilities deep in our supply chain, so we can work with our suppliers proactively to mitigate issues before they occur
— William Hurles, Executive Director of Global Purchasing and supply chain, General Motors
After evaluating the various supply chain risk solution providers in the market today, our Center and academic department chose Resilinc for its leadership in developing resiliency solutions that enable supply chain professionals in a growing number of major global enterprises to gain visibility across multiple tiers of their complex, global supply chains.
— Dr. Sandor Boyson, co-director of the Supply Chain Management Center, Robert H. Smith School of Business
We found that the Resilinc SupplyIntel supply chain risk management solution offers a scalable and continuous visibility platform to help enhance our ability to improve upon our supply chain resiliency.
— Rubik Babakanian, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Chief Procurement Officer , Western Digital
What Resilinc provides is really what we need to facilitate this bottoms-up approach. They provide us with the resources to help us build the data out and help us understand the data and so it really becomes not only just a platform but an offshoot and a resource bank of people to help us collect and analyze the data that we would have had to build internally. Their business motto is they can do it more efficiently across a number of supply chains. Being able to leverage that back and forth is of huge value to somebody like EMC.
— Steve Cleary, Vice President of Supply Chain and Chief Procurement Officer, EMC
We chose the Resilinc platform because we felt it offers all the core capabilities we have identified as critical for improving resiliency in the supply chain end-to-end.
— Vonnie French, VP of Supply Chain Operations, Palo Alto Networks
Indeed, if a manufacturing company were to ask for a vendor that covers the full spectrum, the only one that IDC Manufacturing Insights has had experience with is a specialty vendor called Resilinc. A company formed by ex-Cisco risk management practitioners, Resilinc is small but covers all of the four areas mentioned above.
— Simon Ellis, Practice Director, Supply Chain Strategies, IDC Manufacturing Insights
Resilinc enables us to adopt proven industry best practices in supply chain resiliency to strategically protect our products and interests, both now and in the future. By identifying and quantifying single points of failure, we can proactively plan for and mitigate potential disruptions.
— Vonnie French, Director of Manufacturing Operations, Palo Alto Networks
Resilinc’s solution enables us to proactively collect critical supplier information and share resiliency insights and analytics with our customers. With multiple tiers working together, we can make decisions quickly and respond faster and more effectively when disruptions occur.
— High Tech Customer, Enterprise Social Networking: The Final Brick in the Supply Chain Platform Foundation, ChainLink Research
Resilinc brings together supply risk management, supply market intelligence, and supply network design down to the part level.
— Pierre Mitchell, Jul/Aug 2012, Supply Chain Management Review
Ongoing market volatility and the rise of global inter-connected supply chains have kept Supply Chain Risk a topic of growing concern for operations and supply chain management departments in the corporation.  Traditional planning systems providers do not understand the risk issues or what it takes to develop comprehensive solutions to mitigate these risks. This is why we see a new breed of solutions providers such as Resilinc in the market, who understand the issues and can help companies confront these challenges.
— Ann Grackin, CEO, ChainLink Research

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