Plan, Monitor, Protect

Resilinc SupplyIntel

Today’s supply chains are complex, global, and highly dependent on sub-tier suppliers.  Long term sustained success of companies is hugely dependent on the resiliency of their suppliers.  Despite this, most supply chain leaders are unable to readily access critical supplier information necessary in order to manage business effectively, such as:

  • Where are my suppliers’ factories located globally, and who are their top suppliers?
  • Where are my parts manufactured globally?
  • Where does my risk aggregate throughout my multi-tier supply chain?
  • What are the top vulnerabilities that my supply chain is exposed to and how do I protect continuity of supply on a sustained basis?
  • How resilient are my suppliers and will they be able to support my business effectively if faced with a disruption?

Resilinc SupplyIntel offers a complete solution to map global supply chain across multiple tiers, identify critical supply chain dependencies, expose critical vulnerabilities and single points of failure, manage risk mitigation across the organization, and optimize resiliency practices throughout the organization.

Central Repository for Global Multi-tier Supply Chain Mapping

Resilinc SupplyIntel is a central repository for collecting, managing and refreshing global multi-tier supplier visibility information easily and efficiently.  The solution provides critical supply chain insights based on business intelligence about supplier global footprint and site locations, sub-contractor and sub-tier supplier dependencies, site activities, part origin, alternate sites, recovery times, emergency contacts, and business continuity planning (BCP) information.  Resilinc’s subscription offering includes supplier onboarding, training and periodic refresh of supplier information which results in low resource impact to customers and lowest total cost of ownership.

Supply Chain Risk Analytics

Resilinc SupplyIntel leverages the powerful and patent-pending supply chain analytics engine which converts the supply chain mapping information into meaningful and actionable insights.  The solution delivers unique intelligence about critical vulnerabilities and highest exposures using risk scores and impact which allows leaders to direct limited budget and resources into the right areas for optimal protection.  By evaluating supply chain elements based on inherent financial, location and recovery risks supply chain practitioners can choose the most effective mitigation strategies.  A versatile and visually appealing dashboard delivers visualization by country, supplier, site, product, part, business unit and even by customers.

Resiliency Supply Network

Resilinc designed the supply network with security, adoption, and scalability in mind.  Resilinc SupplyIntel customers can leverage visibility information previously published by supplier partners.  Supplier partners can publish information in a central repository, and then securely share the information with approved Resilinc customers. This capability speeds time to value for the entire Resilinc community, lowers the cost of resiliency and allows all participants to leverage a best-in-class resiliency capability.

Automatic Identification of High Risk Parts and Situations

Resilinc’s SupplyIntel automatically identifies, based on industry best practices, potential high risk situations that might require mitigation. Supply chain leaders can set thresholds for their business and the solution automatically identifies single-sourced, high risk, and high impact items that fall outside the business’ risk tolerance levels.  Resilinc also allows users to choose optimal mitigation strategies to reduce the exposure or vulnerability.

Mitigation Workflow Wizard to Empower Users and Speed Results

Resilinc SupplyIntel takes a wizard-driven approach to the process of supply chain risk mitigation.  Commodity managers or other users follow a step-by-step approach to identifying and mitigating risky parts.  The mitigation wizard-based approach increases adoption, reduces training time, and speeds time to value for the organization.

Track History and Update Mitigation Progress

Supply chain leaders can set priorities and manage metrics on assigned mitigation tasks using graphical charts, tables, and dashboards.  Users can quickly access mitigation history, check status of an on-going mitigation task and capture updates.  Being able to quickly and easily track mitigation task status helps speed resolution of potential high risk situations.

Conflict Minerals Compliance

Resilinc SupplyIntel ensures reporting compliance with the U.S. Dodd-Frank Act through the collection, tracking, and reporting on the use of gold, tungsten, tantalum, and tin sources at the product and part level across multiple tiers of the supply chain. The data gathered from suppliers is based on industry standards published by the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition® (EICC®). Resilinc’s proven supplier engagement and data collection approach deliver supplier network efficiencies to conflict minerals compliance, enabling data collection and reporting with lowest resource impact to customers and suppliers. Compliance reports are available at supplier level, overall company level, as well as by product, customer and subsidiary/divisions. Seamless integration with our mitigation features enable commodity managers or other users to follow a step-by-step wizard approach to identifying and mitigating parts or suppliers where needed.  More information on Resilinc for conflict minerals.

Benefits of using Resilinc SupplyIntel

  • Sustain operational performance with prompt attention to critical exceptions
  • Protect continuity of supply through multi-tier visibility
  • Optimize resources and budgets for proactive supply chain resiliency
  • Reduce top or bottom line financial impact from potential supply chain disruptions